Players To Keep An Eye On In 2011 – Part 2

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  • Players To Keep An Eye On In 2011 – Part 2

Players To Keep An Eye On In 2011 – Part 2


Article Continued from Part 1.

The thirty year old French Malouda started his professional football career in 1996 with Chateauroux where he spent the first four years of his professional career making fifty nine appearances with five goals scored.

Then he made a move to Guingamp in 2000 for the next three years making ninety two appearances with fifteen goals scored. Then in 2003 came another move to Lyon where he stayed in the first team squad making a hundred and thirty eight appearances in the next four years with netting the ball twenty four times.

Finally in 2007 the player made a move to the English Premier League and Chelsea. Since then the player has made a hundred and two appearances with scoring twenty seven goals.

This player has also been a part of the French national team since 2004 and since then has made sixty one appearances on national duty and has scored five times.

This player was recently ranked as the one of the best midfielders in the world and to shout out for such a claim, he has already scored seven goals this season and he is a major player to keep an eye on as he is one of the runners that will take Chelsea to the title win if they work hard enough.


3. Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill is the thirty one year old Australian that plays the position of attacking midfielder in Everton.

He started his youth career with Sydney United in 1996, and then moved to millwall’s youth club in 1997 then only after a year he made it into Millwall’s first team squad.

Cahill made two hundred and seventeen appearances with his first club and scored fifty two goals. Then in 2004 he made the move to the English Premier League club Everton and is there ever since.

Tim Cahill has also been a part of the Australian national team since 2004 and he has made forty six appearances to represent his country and in them he has scored twenty one times for international glory.

He was also part of the 2006 and 2010 World Cups and the 2007 Asian Cup, Tim Cahill is ranked as one of the best footballers to have ever come from Australia.

Cahill has already scored nine times for Everton this season and seems to keep up his form as more are expected from him in the next fixture.

Everton is currently ranked as fourteenth in the English Premier League table, with having scored twenty one points this season and a lot of this is comes from Cahill’s efforts in the attack.


4. Gareth Bale


A Youngster in this list is the twenty one year old Gareth Bale that currently plays for Tottenham Hotspurs. He fills the position of left winger and has been a part of the Lily whites since 2007.

He started his youth career with Southampton in 2005 then after spending a year in the training camps he made it into the first team squad in 2006.

He only played with Southampton for a year in which he made forty appearances with netting five goals.

He has also been a part of the Welsh national team joining the under twenty one squad in 2006 and the first team squad the year after. He has made forty appearances on national duty with a total of six goals scored in the process.


Article Continued in Part 3.


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