Player Collins Obuya: The hero of Kenya in ICC World Cup of 2003

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  • Player Collins Obuya: The hero of Kenya in ICC World Cup of 2003

Player Collins Obuya: The hero of Kenya in ICC World Cup of 2003

A person cannot be a master in all the fields but he must be the guru of one. Kenya Cricket’s Team Collins Obuya, after testing his luck in bowling and failing, decided to embrace and stick with the bat forever. He did not want to lose one in the chase of the other that he was not made for. The Obuya brothers, David Obuya, Kennedy Otieno and Collins Obuya, have a great say in Kenyan cricket. Kenya’s 2003 World Cup triumph is owed to Collins who picked up 13 wickets, taking his side to the semi-finals where it lost at India. It is the only known high-profile success in Kenya cricket’s team history. Suffering from Appendicitis, Collins had to stay away from cricket for some months but his overall career is a matter of pride for Kenya that is still an Associate Member of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Collins took birth on 27th July, 1981 at Nairobi, Keya. His birthplace, Nairobi, is famous for hosting a large number of international cricket events. Partially due to the Nairobi’s atmosphere and partially impressed by his brothers, Collins wanted to be a world class cricketer since his childhood. After playing for some years at domestic level, Collins came up to play at international level to his country’s side.

Collins started his international cricket career on 15th August, 2001 with an ODI against West Indies. In the match that was played on his home ground Collins scored 27 from 31 deliveries including 4 fours. This ushered a bright era of his career. Then Collins went on to play his maiden ICC World Cup 2003. This World Cup proved to be a ground-breaking event for him. His remarkable performance led his team to qualify for semi-finals. His 5-wicket haul in a match for just 24 runs took him to the line of world class cricketers. After his initial success with the ball, Collins started striving to become a good bowler.

Following his World Cup triumph, Collins was offered by Warwickshire, the county league of England, to play for it. Collins accepted the offer and joined Warwickshire but he could not make any outstanding mark for the league. This experience proved bitter for him and he suffered from appendicitis that led his ouster from cricket for sometimes. He could not even play the ICC Champions Trophy 2004. In November 2005, after recovering from the disease, Collins moved to Australia to learn professional bowling techniques from the spin-bowling coach Terry Jenner. He stayed there for five weeks but in vain. He could not get anything. At his return, he decided to shun the mania of becoming a good bowler and start concentrating only on his batting capabilities.

Collins staged his T20 debut on 1st September, 20007 against Bangladesh at Nairobi. He stayed not out on 14 including 1 four. Kenya lost the match.

During his decade old international cricket career, Collins has played 87 ODI and 9 T20 games. His score in ODIs is 1,531 while in T20s it is 106. He has just 29 ODI wickets so far. He has no century but 7 fifties. His highest score so far has been 103. Now, Collins is playing his third World Cup. In the warm-ups and the opener of the tournament, his performance has been mediocre. It does not seem that he will be able to replicate the history of 2003 edition.