Pirelli to supply a “hard compound” in Malaysia

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  • Pirelli to supply a “hard compound” in Malaysia

Pirelli has revealed that the company will be supplying an "experimental hard compound" for the Formula One teams for testing during the practice in Malaysia on coming Friday.

Pirelli has previously been reported to be working on a fifth tyre compound which was unofficially referred to as 'extra hard'. The tyres were to be a possible option in the season 2011.

The reports say that the compound is intended to deal with extreme corners like the Turkey's famous Turn 8 which the F1’s current supplier tested at the Istanbul circuit with Pedro de la Rosa this weekend.

Pirelli confirmed on Monday: "The new tyre is an experimental hard compound that could be used in the future. With testing not allowed during the season, this gives us a valuable opportunity to gather more data and feedback, while it also gives the teams an interesting taste of what could be coming in the future," these were the words of the Italian marquee’s motor sport director Paul Hembery.

The earlier predictions of four to five pit stops per race did not fulfil in Melbourne, when only a few drivers pitted thrice, most went for only two stops. Not to forget Sauber's Sergio Perez, who surprisingly, completed the distance with merely a single tyre change.

Nevertheless, Pirelli's motorsport boss Paul Hembery is bent on saying that tyre wear is set to be a bigger factor at Sepang.

"We were absolutely thrilled by our grand prix debut in Australia, but we're aware that Malaysia should be a very different proposition, with higher temperatures and increased degradation," he said. “We said all along that we would be seeing two to three pitstops in Australia, but in Malaysia I think that figure is likely to increase to three to four."

Pirelli is rightly taking advantage of the relaxation of rules in order to test the additional tyres during the Friday practice. The supplyers will be giving each driver two extra sets of a revised hard compound. Hembery said that these two extra sets of slick tyres will be given to the teams for evaluation purposes.