Pilara Piaget optimistic for good show in Triple Crown

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  • Pilara Piaget optimistic for good show in Triple Crown

Pilara Piaget optimistic for good show in Triple Crown

In spite of having changed line-up, the quartet of Pilar Piaget is quite optimistic to show reasonable performance in the upcoming season of Triple Crown. Under the captainship of Bautista Heguy and having the services of Hilario Ulloa, the team Pilara will be in position to mark upsetting performances in the season.

During the occasion of team presentation, the key players spoke about the upcoming mega events. The squad is missing the services of Marcos Heguy; however, he will be with the team a General Manager.  The current line-up is comprised of mixture of senior players and fresh talent. The combination of Hilario Ulloa and Bautista Heguy will pose serious threats for the experienced foursomes like La Dolfina and La Ellerstina. Additionally, Tomas Garcia del Rio and – the replacement of Marcos Heguy – and Cristian Laprida will don the colours for Pilara Piaget in the crucial tournaments.

While talking to the media, Pilara Piaget Skipper Bautista Heguy informed that the quartet is full of fervour and committed for the triumphs. He also explained his quittance from Chapa Uno where he used to play with Hilario Ulloa. He further stated that the formation of Pilara was useful for all of its participants.

He added, “This team, as a new foursome, will be very solid, because Tomas (Garcia del Rio) as a back is very thorough and responsible, and with Hilario and Magoo we're very aggressive in the mid-field sector, so I expect that with the amount of training we have, we can start to show what we can do as from next Tuesday, during a match which we'll use to correct a lot of things.”

Heguy underlined that they could not comment about the horses, as they are quite new combination. However, they would try to find out some more dark horses in order to prepare them for crucial fights.

In the later part, Tomas Garcia del Rio was of the opinion that he was feeling great fun in playing with the Pilara Piaget. He stated that he was not sure about the real level of the team, as they will assess their worth in the first leg of the Triple Crown (Tortugas Open).

Rio continued that they were looking for a system that will work for them in the forthcoming mega tournaments and they were anticipating victories. They will formulate strategies game-by-game in order to combat all the squads with different plans. In his views, they could achieve anything if they try it from core of the heart.

Commenting about the horses, Rio informed that he would use four horses which had already taken part in the last season and have had good nature. On the other part, the horse of Bautista and Hilario were quite experienced, he added. In the concluding remarks, he expressed that the Tortugas Open would be a good opportunity to test their potential.


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