Pedro Rodriguez suffers and ankle injury

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  • Pedro Rodriguez suffers and ankle injury

Messi’s ex girlfriend talks about the “shopping centre showdown”

Lionel Messi is famous for his “humble” character on and off the pitch. However, according to his ex girlfriend, Macarena Lemos, his parents are totally the opposite. She claimed that Messi’s mother followed her with a frying pan while she was shopping in an electronics store.

While speaking to the press, Macarena, told a little story about her ex boyfriend. She claimed that there were always tensions between her and Messi’s parents. However, she also admitted that she has some “unfinished business” with her ex boyfriend.

Macarena Lemos, who is a 20-year old model from Rosario, talked about a small incident which took place between Messi’s mother and herself.

Messi was 18 when he dated the 14 year old Rosario girl.

Lemos said that she once went out for shopping with her mother and her aunt when she noticed that Messi’s parents were following her and taking photographs. She said:

"She was following me and taking photos until I turned around and asked her what was going on!"

While telling more about the incident, Lemos said:

"That's when she started insulting me. What was she doing there in the electronics section, with a frying pan in her hand? She was following me with a telephone and a frying pan."

She further added:

"I have never came out and said whether I had slept with her son. I was 14 and he was 18 - and I didn't reveal anything about our relationship.”

The Rosario model said that Messi’s mother treated her poorly and thought that she might tell something about him to the magazines. However, she claimed that she never spoke to the press about this before.

Lionel Messi is currently dating his childhood friend who resides in Argentina. Even though Messi and Lemos have moved on in their lives, she hasn’t forgotten the time when she dated him.

While talking about the fact whether she would want to spend a night with the world’s best player, she said:

"That's unfinished business for me!"

The “humble” Messi is currently dating his third girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo. Reportedly, Macarena Lemos was his first girlfriend and he dated Luciana Salazar as well.  


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