Pau Gasol most likely to miss Tuesday’s game, Andrew Bynum will make it through

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  • Pau Gasol most likely to miss Tuesday’s game, Andrew Bynum will make it through

Pau Gasol most likely to miss Tuesday’s game, Andrew Bynum will make it through

National Basketball Association (NBA): With just six games left before the playoff, and the ‘Los Angeles Lakers’ enjoying a big stroll down the stretch; the fans might not be pleased to hear that one of the two players may be sidelined due to the injuries they suffered on Sunday.

Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, the Lakers’ seven footers were both injured on the right knee, as the Lakers witnessed a 10 game losing streak being broken by the ‘Denver Nuggets’.

Gasol, Lakers’ power forward, twisted his right knee in the third stanza of the game. This happened when Nugget’s center, Nene Hilario fouled the player, resulting in Gasol falling down with all his weight on his right leg. The player was not in the frail condition when the Para-medics available on the spot checked his knee. The player iced his injured knee after the game and said that the swelling still existed in the area. He is also suffering from stiffness and is waiting for MRI results, which will help him decide whether to play the game against Utah Jazz or not. The player further said that he was feeling better than the previous night, proclaiming it as a good sign. He stated, “I feel good about it. Obviously I'm not 100 percent sure, but we'll find out soon enough”.

The MRI showed a bruised bone that called for a regular inspection of the injury. Team-mate, Kobe Bryant, went through the same scary episode back in the same season, when he sprained his ankle. Despite being injured, nothing could stop the 32-year-old from going to the basketball court. He is the ‘Black Mamba’ and this could be expected from him, but he is also an inspiration for the other players on his squad. The tough player tried to encourage Gasol when he said, “He’s fine. Don’t baby him. He’s fine”.

At the other end, the Lakers’ rock solid center, Bynum, also had a sad story to tell. Gasol was injured with a collision with the opposition, whereas Bynum had no other team-mate than Lamar Odom, to point towards. The player had to stay off the court for the last 7:15 minutes of the game, after Odom fell into his knee that had lately undergone a surgery.

The player was lucky enough to have a brace over the knee, because that is what saved him from another injury. Even Bynum thinks the same and expressed his view about it while saying, "It looked crazy, right? I had the brace on, which is really I guess what saved it”.

Unlike Gasol, who is waiting for the MRI results, Bynum is expecting to join his team in the contest against Utah. The player was sluggish in Monday’s practice but is positive about the next coming game.


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