Pat C Rendezvous the famous legend of American greyhound racing

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  • Pat C Rendezvous the famous legend of American greyhound racing

Pat C Rendezvous the famous legend of American greyhound racing

Pat C Rendezvous a renowned American greyhound was famous for her 36 victories, which she had achieved in 1994. The brindle bitch set up a record at, the Palm Beach greyhound racing course.

Daughter of Pat C Best Yet out of Westpark Fly Off, Pat C Rendezvous was born on, the 26th of November 1991 in America, and owned by Patrick Collins.

She is known for the numerous rewards and titles which she has achieved, in her career like in 1994 the highest achievement Rendezvous has accomplished was, the World Record 36 straights wins 1994.

This record was set, after she gave a hit in the race, which was held in the West Palm Beach racecourse. Pat C Rendezvous was the most favourites among all the greyhounds in Palm Beach, she had zillions of fans out there cheering for her success during her race.

The great champ was offered with gifts by her loved ones and fans after her victories, Theresa Hume Palm Beach Kennel Club director once said “I’ve been here for 14 years and I’ve never seen the crowds we have for her.”

Pat c Rendezvous is also famous among her fans, by the name of Rhonda. She was a title winner of All America Winner 1994 at the Palm Beach James W. Paul Derby. After success of every race, she was gifted with, dog biscuits and her most favourite treat, marshmallows. Humes once said “They’ve written poems about her. It’s crazy.”

She also has the honor of achieving the title of, 3rd 94 Palm Beach champions Challenge and 94 Nat’l Win Champ (52).

According to Theresa Humes one of the fans, of this famous greyhound, had a rug crocheted for Pat C Rendezvous.

One of his fans Joe Famiglietti, said “You can’t believe this is an animal, she is a machine.”

She had her first race at Palm Beach on the 10th of December 1993, where she finished first and gave consecutive hits in the whole month. On the 29th of December 1993 on the 3/5 mile she had broken the 38 second barrier 22 times, along with this, she was declared as the fastest greyhound of Palm Beach Kennel Club’s, season with the recorded time of, 37 minutes and 52 seconds.

The American greyhound won the prize money of $ 25,000, when she succeeded in breaking the track record on the, 15th of April. Her total career earrings during the streaks are, of $ 40,985 till $ 32,966.

Pat c Rendezvous was trainer Bill Reeves favourite greyhound, he had many expectations, and the champ fulfilled all of them he once said, “I’ve won stakes races before but I’ve never had a run like this.”


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