Paragons to meet at Dunlop Shanghai Golden Grand- Prix- Samsung Diamond League, Shanghai, China, May 15th

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  • Paragons to meet at Dunlop Shanghai Golden Grand- Prix- Samsung Diamond League, Shanghai, China, May 15th

The athletes are preparing themselves for the epic and ultimate challenge for being the distinct one, as the world renowned athletes from different countries will be seen initiating the best of sheer entertainment and sporting charisma at the Dunlop Shanghai Golden Grand- Prix- Samsung Diamond League on May 15th.

Liu Xiang, the Chinese sensation with his Gold winning breakthrough performances in the 2004 Athens Olympics, banked the first Track and field Chinese Olympic Gold to the records. Liu topped the score charts with a world record breaking performance and a magnificent score of 12.88 in Lausanne in 2006, contrary to that, the athlete attained Gold in Osaka 2007 to have a big break in the athletics circumference. In 2010, after an injury which sidelined him for 13 months time period, the athlete returned with a bang when he was awarded as the World’s third fastest man with 13.09 at the Asian games title which he retained.

David Oliver seems to throw a good challenge for Xiang, as he prepares for the upcoming event of the Samsung Diamond league. Oliver, the young agile athlete was accounted as the fastest in the year 2010 with a staggering 12.89 and just 0.01 short of Liu’s sparking embossments. The American athlete managed to make his mark at the 60m in Karlsruhe and stomped every void for error with astounding scores of 7.40, complaisant to his staggering win, Oliver made an impactful challenge actual for Liu when he attained the first spot and propelled Liu in the third position in the very event.

Though swaying Liu in the Karlsruhe with a definitive margin, Oliver will have to face a defying challenge as the attributes of Liu seem to have a step par. Despite the bronze medal winning performance at the Beijing games and Bronze at the World Indoor championships last year, the American entertainer depicts a different sort of calibre from Liu’s apex efficiency at the track and field.    

In the Javelin throw category, the man with merely no peer in the competition will be Andreas Thorkildsen. The athlete reigned in Barcelona last summer and became the first javelin thrower to attain the Olympic, World and Olympic titles. The great likes of Jan Zelezny even accentuate unmatched attributes against Thorkildsen. Athens Games was a breakthrough start for Thorkildsen and after two years he scored the first of his two European golds and then in the year 2009 he collected gold in Berlin, in between, he travelled to Beijing to score second Olympic title. The athlete from Norway will commence the defence of his title which he won last year with a smashing throw distance of 86.11. The finish to the season was a defying one for him with a best of 90.37 and was regarded with top four marks in the World. At the upcoming event, Thorkildsen seems to replicate best of his form and approach to the track and field.

The athletes are expecting the competition at highest stakes, as intense and head to head competitions in disciplines of athletics will be there for the anticipators and spectators around the globe and at the venue to witness an enigmatic and sagacious scenario.



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