Palma High boys volleyball team defeat Pajaro Valley by 3-1 on Thursday

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  • Palma High boys volleyball team defeat Pajaro Valley by 3-1 on Thursday

Palma High boys volleyball team defeat Pajaro Valley by 3-1 on Thursday

Volleyball is a sport that has received a lot of recognition and success in recent years. It is a relatively new game but its popularity has enabled it to become a team sport that is appreciated the world over. Not only is volleyball famously played at the university level, it is also taken up enthusiastically by both girls and boys at the high school level. School teams have inculcated programs that focus on harnessing and inculcating the talent inside the players. Most of these volleyball players take their game seriously and show it in their performance that leads to teams that play professional volleyball.

One such team is the Palma High boys volleyball team. Palma showed its skill in its recent match that was played on Thursday. The match was competed against the Pajaro Valley boy’s volleyball team. In a match that thrilled the spectators, Palma was able to defeat Pajaro. Despite having lost the match, Pajaro took the match to four long and highly competitive sets due to the commendable performance they put in themselves. Thursday’s match between both Palma and Pajaro goes to show that volleyball is played at a superior level in high schools as well.

The victory that the Chieftains were able to achieve got at 3-1. By the time that Palma was rejoicing and celebrating their win and Pajaro was leaving the court with heavy hearts, the score board was displaying final set scores that sang the praises of Palma. The final set scores at the end of the match stood at:  25-23, 17-25, 25-17, 25-18.

The Palma players made significant contributions in both the attack and defense of their team. The Chieftains who were prominent in the match were Blake Hughes, Shayne Rogers and Shivan Shing. Huges helped the Chieftians by contributing an impressive number of assists. He was able to register a total of 41 assists for Palma. Rogers was active in the attack side of the Chieftains. He kept the score board ticking by adding 20 kills during the entire course of the match. Rogers was not the only one who was active on the offensive, Shing also helped to keep the pressure on Pajaro. Shing was able to make his presence felt by registering 16 kills of his own.

The start of the first set of the game was challenging for both the teams. Both Pajaro and Palma were able to come out strong. As a result, the match went to and fro between both the competitors. However, Palma was able to emerge as the dominant player as the set progressed and bagged it at 25-23. The Chieftains lost the second set of the game at 17-25 but won the last two at 25-17 and 25-18.

Next in line for Palma is a match that is scheduled to be played on Tuesday.    


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