Pakistan Cricket Board bans the use of Facebook and Twitter

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Robbie McEwen

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  • Pakistan Cricket Board bans the use of Facebook and Twitter

Pakistan Cricket Board bans the use of Facebook and Twitter

Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to take a strict action against the players using Facebook and the Twitter. In the very recent chapter of spot fixing and bookie mafia, Zulqarnain Haider gained some cheap popularity through networking websites. His statuses on the website were a clear indication about the spot fixing in the matches, Pakistan plays. These statuses reopened the volcano of fixing scandals, which were swept under the carpet for ages. The whole scenario is ruining the reputation of the team and bringing bad name to sports itself.

Pakistan cricket team manager Intikhab Alam, validated that the players playing for the country and other central contracted players had a clause in their contract that they will not use social network sites. He clearly confirmed and said,

 "There is a clause in their contracts which states clearly they can’t use these social network sites or discuss cricket issues, while under contract. It is for their own good so that they don’t get entangled into controversies."

The 2011 cricket mega event is just few weeks away from commencement and Pakistan Cricket Board wants the camp to focus on playing cricket rather than to get into new controversies, as Zulqarnain Haider did.

Zulqarnain Haider went on missing in the camp during the Pakistan-South Africa cricket series. PCB investigated his Facebook and MSN accounts and found about his reason to leave mysteriously. In those announcements he clearly stated that he was getting fatal threats from the bookies. He used these sites to convey a message that the bookmakers wanted the series to be fixed and he, along with his family, is not safe.

Twitter also promoted the very recent scandal about the legend; Shane Warne and Hollywood star Liz Hurley. Their Twitter suggested some love in the air, which was confirmed by reporters, as they saw both celebrities together on multiple occasions. Cricket, often known as the gentlemen’s game, has glamorized over the years and is reaching new standards with time. With all these social websites and few people using it negatively, the reputation of the game is being ruined.