PCB in a total pandemonium- Cricket News Update

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  • PCB in a total pandemonium- Cricket News Update

PCB in a total pandemonium- Cricket News Update

Former Pakistan glorious Skipper, who brought the only World Cup to the country back in 1992, has said that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) should be converted into an institution whose chairman will be accountable for each action he takes, for its improvement.

According to the Khan point of view, Pakistan cricket needs to have appropriate infrastructure above all as other things have less importance. The Current structure of PCB reflects the prevailing condition of our culture. For an improved infrastructure of the board, Pakistan need a sincere individual.

He added that to find that individual, there should be free and fair elections and form an indisputable nominated organization. He revealed that the all the cricketing nations have a well developed board infrastructure and follow the aforesaid process for the appointment of the Chairman of the board. 

The ex-chairman of PCB Ijaz Butt’s tenure was the worst phase of the board and his descendant Zaka Ashraf, the president of Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL), already has pending cases against him in the Supreme Court (SC).

The legend fast bowler told to The Express Tribune that the PCB has always been in pandemonium and the situation has gotten worse now. Khan added that cricket needs to be an institution and until that happens, they will always have anarchy.

He emphasized that you cannot have an institution when the president of the country, who does not have any knowledge of the gentlemen’s game, appoints the chairman of PCB. Currently the board is run on extemporized basis and you will only go from disaster to catastrophe with that system.

At president Pakistan cricket team is surviving without a specialist head coach, and due to uncertainty surrounding the board’s future is attach with the hunt of an experienced coach for the team. Therefore, the dilemma compelled Chief selector Mohsin Hasan Khan to be appointed as the temporary coach for the series against Sri Lanka.

“It’s pointless how you’re spending so much on the coach,” added Khan. “You need to have a proper structure in place before moving onto other things. The board is reflecting the current state of our society. You need someone to fix the structure, then have free and fair elections and form a genuine elected body. That’s how the whole cricketing world works and that’s what we need as well.”