P Young’s hounds dazzled on the Romford race track after earning the highest triumphs

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  • P Young’s hounds dazzled on the Romford race track after earning the highest triumphs

P Young’s hounds dazzled on the Romford race track after earning the highest triumphs

The meeting held on the dirt track of Romford on the 10th of November 2011, scheduled fourteen races. The renowned trainer P Young’s hounds took part in total eleven quests, in urge to win the most earnings and they accomplished in attaining the most wins of the day.

Out of the total chases, the hounds victoriously fortified the possession for total four purses.

P Young’s brindle bitch Lilys Rocket was sent in the fourth show of the meeting to try her luck, in order to win the chase. The two-year-old hound inspiringly took the initiative and victoriously succeeded in bringing home the first purse of the event.

Wearing black and white jacket, the trap 4 racer was sent in with the best odds of the show. Lilys Rocket commenced her chase with a very lethargic pace, due to which her win seemed quite far-fetched in the beginning.

The sluggish start turned out to be a major drawback for the hound, suddenly her pace got obstructed during the first bend.

After facing extreme challenging situation till the third bend Lilys Rocket eventually acquired the leading position and in total 25.28 seconds she was successful in covering the trip of 400 meters and won the £100 purse.

The seventh show of the meeting scheduled the Grade A4 chase entailing the purse of £112 for the 400 meters distance. P Young being the fortunate trainer was honoured with his second victory.

The blue dog, Jaytee Alex was placed in the combat for P Young as a joint favourite of the show.

The trap 6 racer after struggling through the hassle and the hindrance in his race managed to give P Young a chance to enjoy the excitement of the second victory in the flat race.

With an abrupt and prompt attitude the three-year-old attained the pointer spot although his early pace was quite sluggish.

In total estimated time of 24.96 seconds, the result of the quest was produced in Jaytee Alex’s favour.

P Young the auspicious trainer was still enjoying the glee of his previous victory that eventually the eighth race declared the not so favourite hound of the show Char Dan the £107 purse winner.

The trap 6 racer was placed in with 3 – 1 odds, as she began her lure chase the entire Romford stadium was astonished by her amazing surging speed.

Char Dan’s inspiring early pace became a major advantage for her chase which assisted in sustaining the pointer spot until she was able to cross over, although she got wide during her struggle.

The black bitch managed to reach the finish line in total 25.26 seconds at first place for P Young.

The last victory of the event was earned by P Young’s Droopys Flora who began her race from trap 3 for the £111 purse.

Covering the 575 meters distance in 36.91 seconds, P young’s black bitch helped her trainer to steal the spot light at Romford. Acquiring the lead in the first bend the three-year-old impressively managed cross the wire at first place.

The four hounds fanatically gave P Young a chance to push the boat out after earning the most wins in the Romford meeting.   


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