P Young’s Aero Gaga became the apple of his eye, after winning the Coral On TV Marathon Final

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  • P Young’s Aero Gaga became the apple of his eye, after winning the Coral On TV Marathon Final

P Young’s Aero Gaga became the apple of his eye, after winning the Coral On TV Marathon Final

The prestigious event on the Romford race card, which caught every one’s eyes, was the Coral On TV Marathon Final. The Grade OR chase entailing the purse of £750 was auspicious for only trainer P Young’s Aero Gaga, who by covering a trip of 750 meters fortified his ownership for the purse.      

As the brindle dog commenced through his box, very sensibly he took full advantage of the favourable draw, in urge to gun down rest of the contenders. With the odds of 5 – 2 P Young’s hound was sent in as a joint favourite of the show, his impressive early pace became a major threat for the lot of hounds.

While surging through the first bend, suddenly the three-year-old got obstructed. The hindrance in his pace made the situation quite worse for him, but instead of getting in over his head Aero Gaga greased his elbow to retain his swift tempo.

As he sensed his triumph is few meters far away, the hound in urge to hit the wire at first place rallied with an impressive speed. His swift chase turned out to be beneficial for him during the sixth bend, when he acquired the pointer spot.  

Over throwing Droopys Kirbee by 6 lengths, Aero Gaga victoriously wrapped up his quest in 47.14 seconds.

Mountjoy Orion, getting her teeth into the combat as the joint favourite hound, was overwhelmed earlier in the chase. The white and brindle bitch, who stole the previous show, unfortunately lost the chance to bring home festivity for trainer M Wallis.

The two-year-old took 47.70 seconds to conclude his combat at third place, though he was able to take the lead in the sixth bend.

P Young’s five-year-old bitch, Droopys Kirbee was also placed in with 12 – 1 odds, to surprise the race course of Romford, but his speed was not enough to win the chase.

The trap 4 tried every chance to finish off with flying colors, unfortunately it took 47.62 seconds to conclude the quest by the skin of her teeth.

Besides the top three positions the fourth place was attained by the trap 5 racer, Ayamzagirl who previously surprised everyone with her hit. Trainer M Wallis’s sadly was not able to taste the flavours of victory, though two hounds were chasing the lure for him.

The white and black bitch finishing fourth by 2 lengths took 47.86 seconds to cross the wire.

Trainer A Collett’s Blonde Blitz and Perles Orchid for trainer B Clemenson were the last two hounds who assisted in concluding the combat.

Starting his chase from trap 6, the four-year-old hound managed to finish off at fifth place in 47.92 seconds. On the other side trainer B Clemenson’s two-year-old Perles Orchid was the last one to cross over. White and black bitch was forcefully obstructed which made him loose the quest by a neck distance.

Aero Gaga accomplished in giving trainer P Young a reason to enjoy the glee of victory, after hitting the wire at first place, in the Coral On TV Marathon Final.  


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