P Cross with his hat trick triumph in the Yarmouth meeting sang the songs of praise

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  • P Cross with his hat trick triumph in the Yarmouth meeting sang the songs of praise

P Cross with his hat trick triumph in the Yarmouth meeting sang the songs of praise

Flames were set by P Cross’s beasts on the flat track of Yarmouth stadium, the 26th September 2011 meeting scheduled twelve Grade A races, and fortunately P Cross was the only trainer who achieved a hat trick in the entire meeting.

Covering the 462 meters distance his first triumph was attained by a black dog Freaky Turnover. Even though the three-year-old was quite slow in his early start, but later on the trap 1 racer with dynamism and robustness in his pace, surged through the trail.

As he marched along the track leaving all his five contenders behind, with 5/1 odds Freaky Turnover got hold of the wire in 28.75 seconds, for trainer P Cross.

The second quest of the event that gave P Cross his second winning opened its trap doors, at 7:22. The Grade A5 race entailing the £6o purse proclaimed Clomantagh Force, the victorious hound.

Wearing orange and white shirt the black dog was placed in the race with 7/2 odds.  As the three-year-old railed through the pack lot of hounds, his swift pace became a threat to everyone. His impressive speed helped him in vanquishing the idyllic hound of the race, Cians Mentor, who was in with the odds of 2/1 F.

Defeating Cians Mentor by a shoulder length, the black dog took 29.00 seconds to conclude his quest.

The last show that made the whole environment filled with festivity, and glee for P Cross was the Grade A4 462 M Flat race. Besides P Cross’s young dogs, , a black bitch Dunmurry Sandra also contributed in the victory.

The three-year-old fabulously showed off her hidden talent, as she dashed through trap 6, for P Cross, she took the lead with her speedy pace. Her amazing start became an advantage for her, which later on helped her in grabbing the purse.

Wearing white and black shirt with red number printed over it, the young hound surged through the dirt and within 28.63 seconds, she got hold of the wire and proclaimed herself the winner.

The purse winner bitch Dunmurry Sandra’s victory, became precious for her trainer P Cross because she accomplished her target, by vanquishing the 5/2 F of the race Tracton Rocket.

The fortunate trainer P Cross, after his three consecutive victories took home three bags of prize money, according to the total entailed amount to each show he earned £194 winnings.


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