Oscars Blurr grabbed the spotlight, after giving a tremendous hit in the Coral On TV Standard Final, for J Reynolds

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  • Oscars Blurr grabbed the spotlight, after giving a tremendous hit in the Coral On TV Standard Final, for J Reynolds

Oscars Blurr grabbed the spotlight, after giving a tremendous hit in the Coral On TV Standard Final, for J Reynolds

After the tough rebel among the three most idyllic hounds, Oscars Blurr won the title of the Coral On TV Standard. The victorious winner of the 400 meters race fabulously gave a hit for trainer J Reynolds, and placed himself in the middle of the lime light at Romford Stadium.

Among the six competitors, three hounds were sent in with the highest bets, but trainer J Reynolds was the fortunate hound who was given an opportunity to experience the festivity.

As the signal was received, blue and brindle dog Oscars Blurr dashed himself through trap 1. His amazing early pace helped him in presenting an impressive chase for the show. Gradually preceding towards the finish line, the two-year-old soon took the lead which helped him in whitewashing the lot of hounds.

With the odds of 3/1 C, Oscars Blurr took 23.97 seconds to wrap up his quest and bring festivity for J Reynolds.

Following the champ by 2 ¾ lengths was also J Reynolds’s beast, Droopys Bach. The trap 4 racer was one of the ideal participants, but he was not given a chance to win the combat after he got clogged.

Due to his slow pace he not only faced obstruction in the first bend, but he also failed in taking the lead during his chase. J Reynolds’s hound tried every chance to get through the hassle and finish up with flying colours, sadly nothing worked out and it took 24.19 seconds to wrap up his quest.

The trap 5 racer who came third with a shoulder distance was Nans Turbo. E Gaskin’s black dog being the most favourite hound unfortunately faced great sum of obstruction that hindered his chase in the combat.

Wearing orange and white shirt, as the black dog surged himself and came into the middle. While marching towards the wire, suddenly he got bumped in the first bend, later on as he progressed through the trail he raced quite well in the course of third bend.

In 24.19 seconds Nans Turbo concluded his show for E Gaskin.

The fourth finisher of the chase was P Goodfellow’s Mays Rocknroller a black dog sent in with 4/1 odds. The four-year-old trap 2 racer began his chase with an amazing prompt, but while railing through the track during the second bend the hound got crowded.  

The situation went in over his head, which made him finish up fourth in 24.27 seconds.

With a shoulder distance J Reynolds’s third beast got vanquished by Mays Rocknroller. The black dog wearing white and black jacket commenced his race with really impressive pace through trap 3. Unfortunately his progress towards the finish line got hindered.

J Reynolds’s two-year-old took 24.28 seconds to finish fifth and lost the purse.

The last hound whose effort contributed in wrapping up the show was Beat Them Becks. The black dog concluded his chase in 24.48 seconds, due to his lethargic early pace. While he was dashing through the track unluckily he got checked in forcefully that became a major drawback for trainer A Ingram three-year-old trap 6 chaser.

The lucky winner of the Coral On TV Standard Finals Oscars Blurr, gave J Reynolds an opportunity to enjoy the glee of triumph.


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