Olazabal eager to take Seve Ballesteros to Medinah-Golf

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  • Olazabal eager to take Seve Ballesteros to Medinah-Golf

Olazabal eager to take Seve Ballesteros to Medinah-Golf

Jose Maria Olazabal wants Seve Ballesteros to be present at the Medinah Country Club in Chicago, where the 2012 Ryder Cup will be staged. Olazabal is leading the European team and wants his friend to witness him defend the title.

Olazabal expressed his desire in a press conference with Mail Online. He said, “I'd love him to be with me and I will always have a place for him. I know just how much impact Seve had with the phone call he made to the team during our victory at Celtic Manor in October. He reached out to the players, it was very emotional.”

Olazabal wanted Ballesteros to join his staff members at the upcoming Ryder Cup, but since Ballesteros was going through treatment, he declined the great honour. Ballesteros suffered brain tumour two years back and had it removed through a surgery. Ever since, he is going through chemotherapy to give a final cure to the problem.

Olazabal told the press that he had a conversation with him on the phone and he seemed tired. He said Ballesteros claimed that he wanted to see him lift the trophy on the American soil, but he could not, due to the illness. The Spaniard enumerated the contributions made by Ballesteros in the past Ryder Cups and exclaimed that the legendary golfer called the European team last year, while they were playing at the Celtic Manor. He talked to them individually and motivated them. The result was retrieved through their victory against the Americans.

Later, he told the press about his and Ballesteros’s relation. He said that 24 years back, they met in the Muirfield Village in Dublin for the Ryder Cup . The two Spaniards were paired in the four balls and the foursomes. The duo was undefeatable and it eventually proved in the colour of the first Ryder Cup victory on the American soil.  

Olazabal said that Ballesteros was his inspiration behind becoming one of the best golfers in the world. He added, “Seve was never beaten. You learn from what you see, and I did that from the way Seve played and the way he acted on the golf course. He took the concept of golf to a new audience and he opened a lot of doors for European players when he went to the States and won the Masters that first time. We started to believe, as young players, that we could follow in his footsteps.”

Olazabal is agile to bring Ballesteros back in the Ryder Cup. He might not become successful in taking him to the course, but he might relish success in bringing back a trophy from there. After all, he is heading a team, which has nine of the top 20 players of the world.



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