Obstructions in the Path of Barcelona: Fernando Torres, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cesc Fabregas Trapped in a Transfer Triangle

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  • Obstructions in the Path of Barcelona: Fernando Torres, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cesc Fabregas Trapped in a Transfer Triangle

Obstructions in the Path of Barcelona: Fernando Torres, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cesc Fabregas Trapped in a Transfer Triangle

There is news for Cecs Fabregas; the hype created by his episode of transfer talks to Barcelona has been dialed down a notch. The reason is the recently sparked interest of the new priority at Camp Nou, being Liverpool’s Fernando Torres.


With the current president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta becoming the former on 1st of July, Sandro Rossell will take over the throne of the Catalans and introduce massive changes in the club. He earlier commented on the situation; making it clear that who so ever is not in line with his thoughts will have to change his path with his.


Even before Laporta’s departure, Rossell is starting to bring in changes and adjustments to the club. He has already criticized Laporta’s ability to manage a deal with Arsenal’s midfielder Fabregas and has initiated some major changes in the board.


Rossell used to be Laporta’s vice president but in 2005 they had a fall out and Rossell left the club because of the differences in running it. Laporta has been in charge at the Catalans for a total of 12 years now and in those years, he has obtained 7 titles which reveals that his shoes are not small to fill.


On a similar note Rossell and the Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola, now have a new target, one that has capability to override the bid of Fabregas. The star Spanish striker from the Reds first had a season marred with injuries and then the dismissal team performance by Anfield representatives let him down.


He has been long since excusing that the game play at the English Premier League is too rough and that if the Liverpool wants him to stay at the club, they will have to promise some future and show commitment at the club or he will be leaving. That wasn’t the case with just him; other players have mutual thoughts too.


The man who scored the winner for Spain in Euro 2008 is right now in South Africa participating in the FIFA World Cup 2010. He earlier commented that he might be making a move to Real Madrid but their president Florentino Perez hasn’t contacted him officially yet.


The latest approach on Torres has sparked up quite a controversy, even in the Spanish camp itself. Though Rosselll has told that he isn’t giving any less preference to Fabregas, the fact remains that if Torres is signed, it will yield the chances or the efforts to obtain the Gunner.


The plan at Camp Nou is that they want to make an invincible pair of strikers. For that they want Torres to pair up with recently acquired team mate (Spain) David Villa. He earlier made his transfer for £35 million and is just a part of a Catalan team that majorly represents the star in the Spanish national team.


There are some obstructions in the path of Barcelona however. Chelsea is also bidding for the 26 year old Torres. Still the Catalans will have the edge as rumours have it that they are ready to present the ace Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the deal.


Rossell is keen on seeing the Swede leave so he can have more funds in order to buy the player. Guardiola though wants Ibrahimovic to remain at Camp Nou, Ibra has joined the club just last summer and according to Guardiola; Rossell can sell Dmytro Chyrgrynskiy, Alex Hleb, Martin Caceras and other periphery players in the team rather than him.


Ibra hasn’t had the classiest of seasons this year, while his performance wasn’t bad it wasn’t up to expectations either. He scored 20 goals in 41 appearances and has the impression made that his place in the team has already been taken.


The plan at Camp Nou is to use the money from Yaya Toure's transfer to Manchester City for engaging with North Londoners’ Fabregas. It is speculated that if the deal does not happen before the start of this season, then the claims of Ibrahimovic might be true and he will be traded with Manchester City for Robinho.




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