Nottingham’s Monday night round succeeded in drawing attention

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  • Nottingham’s Monday night round succeeded in drawing attention

Nottingham’s Monday night round succeeded in drawing attention

Besides the final chase of the Carling Maiden 480 Trophy, in which the 3-1 shocking winner Conor Pass Mick managed to take the command during the penultimate turn and won purse, three heats of the Betfred Maiden Sprint Trophy was also made the highlight of the Nottingham’s race card.

Covering the trip of 305 meters, for the purse of £125 the warrior who accomplished in producing the fastest time in the Grade OR show, was trainer P Rosney’s Hi There Rocky.

Represented as the trap 3 racer, the fawn dog astonished his trainer when he succeeded in making all in the opener in 18.24 seconds.

Offered with 7-4 odds, the trap 3 racer cracked out inspiringly which later on became quite beneficial for his pace.

In next to no time the three-year-old dog was spotted in the pointer position and sustained there until he reached around the second stretch.

Inclination to became an all the way winner, P Rosney’s hound kept his swift tempo firm and dashed tremendously, but suddenly he got disputed.

The hound kept his chin up and pulled himself really hard to maintain the precious position.

In total 18.24 seconds Hi There Rocky was able to display an outclass show.

Trainer A Grewcock’s blue dog Aghaburren Tyson lost the chance of balancing the books of punters.

Due to his moderate pace the trap 2 racer experienced a clear run and provided his contender a chance to push the boat out.

Monleek Wings who was placed in Heat 2 accomplished in winning trainer David Pruhs’s confidence with his justified odds 5-1.

With a superb start the trap 4 racer performed fanatically which helped him in acquiring an early lead.

Crossing over in 18.27 seconds David Pruhs’s Monleek Wings succeeded in bringing home festivity.

The last battle was won by trainer C Allsopp’s Gagsys Classic, who managed to over throw the even money favourite dog, Romeo At Risk.

With an early lead the hound remained in the middle until he succeeded in breaking through the wire.

The trap 1 racer Romeo At Risk was chopped for room at the penultimate turn, Gagsys Classic went on to beat the rival by just over 1 ¼  lengths in 18.25 seconds.

The dogs who accomplished in taking home the purse have secured their trap s for the next round of the Betfred Maiden Sprint Trophy.


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