Not so favourite champs of the Bookmakers Silver Salver, vanquished the idyllic hounds in the semi-finals

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  • Not so favourite champs of the Bookmakers Silver Salver, vanquished the idyllic hounds in the semi-finals

Not so favourite champs of the Bookmakers Silver Salver, vanquished the idyllic hounds in the semi-finals

The Bookmakers Silver Salver two Semi-finals scheduled at the dirt track of Henlow, concluded with bewildering results. Hounds who were decided by the management as the most favoutrite ones, ended up tragically for their trainers.

The inchoation of the 550 meters race was at 9:30, in which Lemon Fantasy for G Holford was the most ideal hound of the race. being in as 6/4 F, sadly finished up fourth due to his lazy and lethargic early pace, even though he kept on preceding when he was near to the finish line, the strategy did not work out at all.

On the other side M Wallis’s blue dog Dalcash Scolari, who was in the race with 9/4 odds gave a tremendous unexpected hit. The four-year-old trap 1 racer’s superb chase kept M Wallis’s chin up, till the end of the race.

Wearing red and white jacket Dalcash Scolari dashed through his trap amazingly, as he railed across the track very victoriously he led four bends, and finished first by vanquishing rest of his contenders.

Covering the distance in 33.36 seconds the M Wallis’s champ contributed in K Taylor’s hound’s defeat.

Finishing second by 2 lengths White Chief crossed over in 33.52 seconds. The white and black dog began his chase from trap 2, very swiftly he got through the initial lengths of the track, he also succeeded in leading the race in fourth bend, but sadly K Taylor’s two-year-old was not lucky enough to win the purse for his trainer.

The trap 5 racer, who being 8/1 favourite, was chasing the lure for trainer C Weatherall. Eden vixen who was the only bitch among the lot of hounds, unfortunately was not able to compete with the pace of her contenders, and finished third in 33.68 seconds.

G Holford’s ideal dog Lemon fantasy besides finishing fourth whitewashed the trap 4 racer Midway Rouble, by 2 ½ lengths. H Chalkley’s white and black dog unluckily got bumped in, due to which his speedy pace got broken and managed to finish fifth in 33.90 seconds.

The hound who stood sixth in the Bookmakers Silver Salver 1st Semi-Final, was E O’Brien’s Desert cool. The 12/1 sadly got bumped in twice, as he railed through trap 3, covering the distance in 34.36 seconds he conclude the show.

The second semi-final started off at 9:45, proclaimed the trap 6 runner Westmead Palace the purse winner. Trainer G Holford managed to keep his trainer in the show with his tremendous hit, even though he was not the most ideal of the race.

Vanquishing the hound of previous victorious trainer M Wallis, the black dog Westmead Palace took 33.48 seconds, to cross the finish line. With 5/1 odds G Holford’s dog railed impressively through his trap, eventually the champ placed himself at the lead and won the race with strong finishing.

M Wallis, who was enjoying his previous victory, lost the glee when his white and black dog finished second by 2 ½ lengths. Despite of railing promptly during the early pace, All The Noise sadly could not cope up with the purse winner, and took 33.68 seconds to finish up.

The third hound who crossed over for his trainer was also the idyllic of the race, Westmead Maldini being 4/6 F, would have come up with expected result, if he had not bumped himself in twice. His total calculated time was 33.76 seconds.

Fourth and fifth position holders were Barnfield Rocky, for trainer d Childs, and J Ray’s Lemming Red. Barnfield rocky covering the distance in 34.22 seconds, defeated Lemming Red, by 1 length.

The last hound who helped in concluding the show was the trap 3 racer F Axford’s Corrakelly Lark. The black dog was knocked down very badly, he took 36.62 seconds to cover the pace.

The qualifiers of the semi-finals will be racing against each other in the upcoming event of the Bookmakers Silver Salver, entailing the prize money of £5,000    


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