Nick Heidfeld said: “This chance came completely out of the blue.”

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  • Nick Heidfeld said: “This chance came completely out of the blue.”

Nick Heidfeld said: “This chance came completely out of the blue.”

Nick Heidfeld spoke on his recent inclusion in the Renault team. He mentioned that this opportunity came completely out of the blue for him.

"It was not an easy situation, but I had to take the chance that came my way. In my long years in Formula 1 I have made my own experiences. I only started to believe that I am in again when the ink on the contract had dried. Sure, I felt happy because it was so unexpected." Heidfeld told the media.

The German Nick Heidfeld has been hired by the Renault team to replace the injured Robert Kubica as he followed the accident earlier the in the month of February.

Kubica missed the Jerez test following his crash. Renault named some replacement for Kubica in the up-coming season. These included drivers Vitantonio Liuzzi, Nick Heidfeld and Bruno Senna. The test driver Bruno Senna is short on experience and is not considered a favourite to replace Kubica. However, the favoured replacement option was 33-years-old Nick Heidfeld. The German is more experienced as he has been driving for different teams since 2000.

Heidfeld was given a test drive to prove himself and he came up with some of the best times on the test track. He topped the tables on the day three of the Jerez tests. Moreover he continued his testing over the third test session in Barcelona along with his team-mate Vitaly Petrov. His hitting performance over his test runs really impressed the team as a result they announced Heidfeld’s confirmed presence in the 2011 season race.

As regards his inclusion in the Renault team made him hesitate because of the poor circumstances. Heidfeld was replaced by the Kubica as he was without a seat for up-coming Formula 1 season. However it was very difficult for him to clear the awful situation.

Heidfeld explained to the reporters, "I did some intensive soul searching - probably more intensive than most others would have done - and now I would say that I have cleared the situation for myself."

He claimed that it was not his fault what happened to Kubica. Like others he also wishes he will be back soon on the season track. While Formula One drivers who were present at the Jerez test gave ‘get well soon’ messages to Kubica on the car livery.

 Heidfeld is extremely happy as he again got a chance in the Formula One race. He admitted that it is a best opportunity for him and he could not miss it. He went on to say, "Whether it is for the whole season is not clear right now, but of course I am ready and available for the whole season! The biggest sensation is that I did not expect to race this year."

He added the test season had already started, so he was in talks with his former Mercedes GP principal. He was the test driver of the team and requested them to get his old job back. Other than Mercedes GP he was also busy to talk for other Formula 1 cars.

It will be interesting to see how Heidfeld performs at his first race with Renault that is expected to take place on 27th March, 2011 in Australia.



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