Newcastle will open the traps for the beasts to chase the lure in the All England Cup Semi-Final

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  • Newcastle will open the traps for the beasts to chase the lure in the All England Cup Semi-Final

Newcastle will open the traps for the beasts to chase the lure in the All England Cup Semi-Final

After the successful show of the All England Cup Semi-Finals, the dirt track of Newcastle is ready for the big show, held on the 12th October 2011 Wednesday. The Grade Or race has finalised the traps for the £10,000 purse.

Three semi-final rounds took place on the 6th of October 2011, the top two winners from each round has been placed in the traps to take part in the final combat.

Mill Bling Bling who was placed as the ideal hound in the semi-final 2nd round for K Macari gave a tremendous hit. His victory has confirmed trap 6 for him in the finale.

Besides the purse winner Mill Bling Bling his contender Bubbly Olly, who unfortunately managed to finish up fifth from trap 5 will be racing for the big prize money. P Young’s black and white dog was not able to give his trainer a chance to enjoy the glee of victory, but the hound is given a second opportunity to give a hit.

Likewise in the semi-finals P Young’s beast will commence his chase through trap 5 as middle runner.

The result of the All England Cup Semi-Final 1 proclaimed H Williams’s black dog the victorious hound. Tudor Prince who was sent in with the highest bets was welcomed into the race from trap 2 with 4/5 F odds.

The three-year-old hound made H Williams proud through his impressive lure chase, even though he got obstructed during his pursuit. Tudor Prince has been placed in the same trap as in the semi-final round. He will began his chase wearing the blue and white jacket for H Williams.

Yahoo Jamie who got whitewashed by Tudor Prince in the semi-final round, managed to finish up second by 1 ¾ lengths for C Lister. The champ tried every chance to get hold of the wire, but he only managed to finalise himself for the last draw.

As the middle runner from trap 6, Yahoo Jamie will be chasing the lure wearing white and black shirt with red number printed over it.

The winner of the third and the last round of the All England Cup Semi-Final was Blue Artisan, who with even odds gave an amazing hit. The blue dog has not only placed himself in the Finals, but he has also presented his trainer H William’s a chance to enjoy double treats in the finals.

Blue Artisan was placed in trap 3 for the semi-final, this time the victorious hound will be welcomed into the combat from trap 4.     

The last hound who confirmed his trap for the final quest is C Callow’s Longwood Fantasy. The black dog unfortunately finished second by1 ¾ lengths, but he will be railing through trap 3 in the finals.

The qualifiers of the All England Cup Semi-Final are ready to set the track on fire for the last and final round. Along with the title winning, the fortunate hound will take the purse of £10,000 home for the lucky trainer.  


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