Murray’s Wimbledon 2010 victory may change the future of British tennis: Leon Smith

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  • Murray’s Wimbledon 2010 victory may change the future of British tennis: Leon Smith

Murray’s Wimbledon 2010 victory may change the future of British tennis: Leon Smith

The Scottish professional tennis player, Andy Murray who is currently ranked no. 4 in the world has not had a perfect tennis season since making his way into the final of the Australian Open in January.


He reached the semi-final match at Wimbledon during the previous season as well. However, Andy Roddick knocked him out by playing a lifetime knock of his career. So the question here is that can Murray go one step ahead this season?


The person, who first trained Murray as a juvenile and has himself climbed through the rankings to skipper of the GB Davis Cup side, has agreed to the notion without any doubt.


Leon Smith, Glaswegian emphatically expects the same not only because of the Scot’s energetic behaviour but according to him a Murray might change the future of the British tennis forever. During the semi-final match of the last season as well, Murray played outstandingly well and lost a tight match in the end, he added.


The Australian Open in this season was fabulous. Murray played some wonderful tennis and met Roger Federer, who eventually played extremely well far beyond any one’s imagination.


The results have not been good since then but there is no doubt about the fact that he is putting all his effort off the court, in the training as well as in the gym. He is quite satisfied as he has got a nice group around him so with the start of Wimbledon, Murray will definitely come up as one of the strongest opponent this season.


Murray’s victory in the final will surely have a prodigious impact on the Scottish tennis along with the British. It would result in improving the level of interest in Britain which is already developing because of Murray. It would change the panorama even more. As result, a greater number of players would be attracted to the sport which will help in finding the finest talent from the country. With more youngsters playing in clubs, parks as well as schools will ultimately improve the level of tennis in Britain.


Smith's faith in his native is the same since the first day when he started coaching Murray as a small child who always wanted to be one step ahead of the ordinary players. Murray was pushed by his mother to play tennis at a very young age.


He was igneous, spirited, competent as well as extremely capable from the start. If the crowd during the next few weeks turn their attention to Wimbledon from the World Cup, it would mean that Andy Murray is driving successfully without any hurdle.


The surface at Wimbledon also favours Murray’s style of play a bit more as his fast speed and apprehension supports him more on faster tracks. Hence Murray will definitely get good returns if manages to serve well. Over the last few years, he has improved a great deal with respect to finishing off the game well at the net which will be another additional point that goes to his favour.


According to Smith, aggression on the court is good if the form is falling down and resulting in missing a couple of comfortable shots. To have such passionate players who detest losing on the court is a brilliant quality that should be appreciated, he added.


However, all you need to do is to control your anger and utilize it by playing more passionate game on the court rather than wasting your energies by screaming or shouting during the game, said Smith. And Andy Murray has always been able to do that with a positive frame of mind which is one of his best qualities being a professional player.


Hence, as far as hopes are concerned, they are definitely skyrocketing and crowd are expecting Andy Murray to just rock on the court at Wimbledon 2010.





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