MotoGP: Casey Stoner busted stewards after crash with Rossi

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  • MotoGP: Casey Stoner busted stewards after crash with Rossi

Casey Stoner busted stewards after crash with Rossi

Repsol Honda rider Casey Stoner agreed after his accident with Ducati’s Valentino Rossi, that it was a racing incident. Rossi slipped while trying to overtake Stoner from the inside on a corner; the wet conditions didn’t help much either. This incident forced Stoner to retire from the race Gran Premio bwin de Espana, rendering him third position from his first in championship points.

After the incident, Rossi was able to restart the race with the help of track marshals and managed to finish in fifth after the San Carlo Honda Gresini rider Hiroshi Aoyama.

Stoner, on the other hand, had cut his engine during the collision to minimize the damage and hence was unable to restart his bike after. The Aussie held the pole position at both the previous rounds this season in Qatar and Jerez and managed to score a win in the former Grand Prix. Stoner was frustrated by the bias the stewards exhibited; only one man tried pushing Stoner back into race.

"I heard Valentino arriving and I wasn't worried about anyone passing me at that point in the race so I gave him plenty of room,” said Stoner.

Federation International Motorcycle (FIM), the ruling body of MotoGP, has considered Stoner’s complaint and agreed to set a hearing regarding the attitudes of the track marshals, following the crash.

"I think if we'd have been able to get the bike going we would have had some very good points because the bike was undamaged. We should've been able to be competitive to the end, but things happen like this.”

Stoner recalled from his previous experience regarding this situation that Rossi’s opponents should be able to deal with such unfair behavior. Rossi had been pushed out of the track by the marshals whereas Stoner, although being in good condition, had to fight with the stewards to restart his bike.

FIM has arranged a hearing including the Clerk of the track and the Chief Marshal in order to review the accident between Rossi and Stoner to hear the facts from their side.

"Due to the fact that the final decision of the Race Direction will not affect the result of the race, the hearing will be organized on Thursday 28 April in Estoril, Portugal."

Extending the complaint, Marco Simoncelli also had the same issue regarding the marshals' biased behavior. He could have restarted the race and ended with some points but no marshal was there to help. Simoncelli was in the lead and had a good chance for a podium finish before he too had a fall.