Modern Football Is Turning Players into Mercenaries

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  • Modern Football Is Turning Players into Mercenaries

Modern Football Is Turning Players into Mercenaries

Like all other sports, football has also gone under a lot of changes over the years. Although, the game is played the same way on the pitch, but the attitudes of the players have undergone a drastic transformation. For most players in modern football, the loyalties for their traditional teams have been replaced by the desire for more money. There have been a lot of examples in modern football where one can see the players being treated as mercenaries.

The Mercenaries is the word for a private army, who were present around medieval times and were paid to participate in wars. They offered no loyalties to any authority and their allegiances lied with the ones who paid more. In recent times, there have been numerous examples of players who behaved in the same manner and some of them even resorted to inconsiderate measures in order to pursue their demands.

One of the most reason incidents is of Wayne Rooney, the striker for Manchester United. The Everton fans already know that Rooney is not someone who remains loyal to the club or fans, because he left his youth club for a better opportunity. At the start of this season, Rooney held Manchester United at ransom, as they threatened to leave the club and handed transfer requests. In the end, it proved to be a tactic as the whole drama ended with Rooney getting insanely higher wages out of Sir Alex Ferguson. This is the behaviour which is creating problems for all the clubs around the world and the players’ prices are escalating.

Some of the clubs have also shown irresponsible behaviour to further aggravate the problems. When Manchester City was taken over by Abu Dhabi’s billionaire, the club started throwing money in the market. They raised a kind of a private army getting the best mercenary footballers available in the market. These players were paid high wages in order to lure them in their squad. The problem arose when these players were unable to adjust in the new system; they found it hard to move out as no one was willing to meet their exceptionally high wage demands. Emmanuel Adebayor is one of those mercenary players who have failed to make an impact at City but is not acceptable elsewhere unless he brings down his demands.

Real Madrid is also one of the teams who have thrown a lot of money in the market. They got the best players in the World by paying world record sums of money and are still paying the price in form of high wages. Actually, the whole transfer system is based on this idea but things have been crazier recently as the idea of buying success has taken over the idea of building from the basics.

There are still quite a few players who share their loyalties with their respective clubs. The faithfulness to Liverpool FC made Steven Gerrard stay at the club despite the fact that his team lost their precious Champions League spot. When Juventus were relegated from Serie A, after the match-scandal, there were many players who did not leave the team, including Gianluigi Buffon, Alessandro Del Piero and Pavel Nedved. These players could have had much better opportunities but they decided to stick with their team even if it meant a wage cut down.

Recently, Barcelona has shown the world that success can be built from the scratch by focusing on the youth academy. The majority of Barcelona players have been playing for the club since the beginning of their careers. These players pledge their allegiance to the club and have brought a lot of success over the years. All the other teams should follow the example of Barcelona and start improving their youth training programs. This will be great for the clubs who will have home grown talent available to them and it will prove to be instrumental in saving the spirit of football as well.             



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