Milwaukee Brewers ease up Shaun Marcum’s use in Spring Training

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  • Milwaukee Brewers ease up Shaun Marcum’s use in Spring Training

Milwaukee Brewers ease up Shaun Marcum’s use in Spring Training

The Milwaukee Brewers are vary of their predicament in Scottsdale, Arizona. The club is locked in Spring Training camp and it seems their injury worries could be escalated if pitcher Shaun Marcum finds himself on the disabled list when the 2011 Major League Baseball kicks off on the first of April. Things look good in the Cactus League and it appears the club is doing the best it can to make its chances count in the camp, as injuries are rising.

Manager Ron Roenicke as a hard task on his hand and it deals with getting the best out of the current players on the roster. Marcum is considered to be the answer to the questions that have plagued the Brewers since last year. With the need of a pitcher on the horizon, Marcum’s role is well defined for him. The former Tampa Bay Rays’ hurler is in the mix to get the Brewers to the playoffs, this season.

However all those ambitions took a back seat recently when the player was pulled out of an exhibition game, following shoulder tightness in his stint on the mound. When the maestro caught up with Roenicke, the following morning, he conveyed a humble message to the skipper.

"He just told me he didn't want me to worry about it," Roenicke said.

The player was pulled out of the fixture after three innings of play. His spring season has seen him come across that problem over and over again. The Brewers are not trying to put him in more work at the moment.

"Whether we just push him back or whether we skip and go to the next start ... probably that's what will happen," Roenicke said, talked in reference to the latter scenario.

The Brewers are still considering putting Marcum down like Zack Greinke. The only problem is a replacement.

"We're trying to figure out who's going to be the fifth [starter]," Roenicke said. "It'd be hard to figure out if we need to get one more."

With Wily Peralta filling in for Greinke, who’s going to trade places with Marcum?


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