Mesmerising action on Day Two of the 7th IAAF World Youth Championships, Lille, France, July 7th 2011

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  • Mesmerising action on Day Two of the 7th IAAF World Youth Championships, Lille, France, July 7th 2011

With action and sheer sporting entertainment at its apex, the event of the 7th IAAF World Youth Championships was none short of a scintillating contest in history of youth championships. With a line-up of some of the world’s most promising and talented athletes in different disciplines, the statements were seen in multitude. The spectators as well as the fans all over the world witnessed some of the most paramount moments in the different disciplines of youth athletics. Trinity Wilson was amongst the athletes who highlighted the event lavishly by producing contest worthy of being stated as the epic one. Christin Hussong also made her way to secure a distinct spot at the podium and stand charismatic at the event.

The American figurehead youth sensation Trinity Wilson stood par excellence, as she embossed one of the greatest performances in the category of 100m hurdles when she overpowered her apex peer Noemi Zbaren. Wilson, mantled by the tough and competitive likes of Zbaren in the two preliminary rounds, looked to make her mark on the time when it was really a matter of serious business.

Wilson astonished her rivals when she took a step further from her apex rival off the seventh hurdle, plunged with a boost to cross the finishing mark in a timeline of 13.11 to attain a definitive victory.  Wilson engraved the second fastest time ever by a youth, whereas the scores of Frenchwoman Adrianna Lamalle at 13.08 still to be countered. Zbaren taking the second spot with 13.17 was followed by the USA's bronze medallist Kendell Williams at 13.28 with a lifetime best.

"Before and during the race, I stayed relaxed. My aim was to focus on my race. I wanted to run fast, very fast. And the result is wonderful," stated the winner.

Germany entitled for producing some of the world’s finest of the javelin throwers once again got into the action by the likes of Christin Hussong. Making her statements clear, she threw a staggering 59.74m. Behind her was Sofi Flinck from Sweden who set her personal best score of 54.62m, leaving the third spot for Australian Monique Cilione with 52.77m who also claimed her personal best.

The athlete was remarkable in making a statement when she not only won the exquisite gold, but propelled the championship record set by China’s Juan Xue eight years ago. "At the first attempt I just wanted to do a good throw to show the other athletes that I was in form," stated Hussong. "I didn't expect to beat the Championship record."


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