Mercedes GP’s duo Schumacher and Rosberg determined for Malaysian F1

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  • Mercedes GP’s duo Schumacher and Rosberg determined for Malaysian F1

Mercedes GP’s duo Schumacher and Rosberg determined for Malaysian F1

Formula 1 Mercedes GP drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg are all set to give each other a tough time at the next Sepang race. After a rather poor performance at Australian Grand Prix, both drivers told the media that they intend to do better in Malaysia and are looking forward to the supportive points for the team.

Mercedes team took part in the Melbourne race with high expectations but due to some technical quirks faced by them both drivers were retired from the race. No doubt they had a very discreet qualifying session but due to these issues they have ended their race without any supportive points for the team.

Determined for a fine team performance, Schumacher said, "We clearly see that as a challenge and it is much too early to write us off. Everybody in the team remains positive and is in a fighting mood. So I expect a better weekend for us to come; a weekend we can build on."

Before the start of Melbourne race, seven-time world champion updated the media that he is fully confident for 2011 season with his successful test sessions. He also mentioned that he is hopeful for the season races, having learnt the advanced features such as KERS, adjustable rear wing and RFA of MGP-W02 car.

Schumacher highly appreciated the team’s good work and admitted that the weather conditions seemed very feasible though nothing could be said of the tracks. He felt proud to be a part of Formula 1 sport and admitted that in this position, he had a responsibility of putting up a good show and striving best to score achievements.

On the other hand, Nico Rosberg also said that he is looking forward to a fine weekend on the Sepang circuit. He further added that Mercedes fans will be in for a big surprise through the race, “Melbourne is a unique circuit and we know that we will have a much better understanding of our level of performance after the next races. I think we can surprise people next Sunday. We know that the car is fast from the last test in Barcelona, so now we have to work on proving that potential."

He admitted that the team had a very tough Melbourne race and despite the setback, they had worked hard and now well understood the reliability of their car. He said he is confident that the machine will be running reliable in Sepang race.

Before the Australian Grand Prix Nico declared that MGP-W02 is not the fastest car of F1 but its handling is better and that it has more grip. Rosberg believed that he has a good platform so he can set the best place of the team.

The Malaysian Grand Prix is to begin in a few days. And all F1 teams are reaching the venue and preparing for the race.