Mercedes GP’s Nico Rosberg admits Red Bull is far ahead of everyone

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  • Mercedes GP’s Nico Rosberg admits Red Bull is far ahead of everyone

Red Bull is far ahead of everyone, admits Mercedes GP’s Nico Rosberg

Formula 1 Mercedes GP driver Nico Rosberg has recently updated the media about the fact that Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel is far ahead of other F1 drivers. He also mentioned that as he showed excellent performance over the Melbourne race and posted the fastest time of the Australian Grand Prix, it is very difficult to catch up him in up-coming races.

Rosberg said that in the midfield of Formula 1, Mercedes has to improve their last year’s fourth place into 2011 season. He further added for achieving their goals successfully they would have to play a serious role in the remaining races of this season.

Before the start of the Melbourne race German driver expressed his positive feelings for the team and admitted that he is very excited for 2011 season, as he gets a chance to drive an attractive Silver Arrow chassis, over the season. He went on to say, “that is something very special, and I would love it if we had a long-term future together."

The 25-years-old Rosberg made good progress, with his team-mate Michael Schumacher, over the winter testing. He admitted that Mercedes GP really worked hard on its new package and no doubt, the team introduced best package for this season.

With regards to the Australian race results, Rosberg has been retired from the race as he faced the accidental damage with his MGP-W02 machine. He managed to complete only 22 laps; however, he did not get any supportive points for the team.

Other Mercedes driver Schumacher was also retired due to puncture damage with his package and ended his race without any encouraging points. This situation was really disappointing for the team because they were looking towards their successful season.

Other than Rosberg, Norbert Haug (marque's motor sport director) and Helmut Marko (Red Bull's motor racing consultant) also admitted that it will be difficult to catch up Red Bull in up-coming races as their previous performances have been very good.

Marko said, "Very few teams can take a car and make it much more competitive, besides us, only Ferrari and McLaren (can).”

The Malaysian Grand Prix will start on 10th April, in Sepang.


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