McLaren's Jonathan Neale expresses his feelings about the Sepang and Hamilton’s career – Formula 1

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McLaren's Jonathan Neale expresses his feelings about the Sepang Grand Prix and Hamilton’s career – Formula 1

The McLaren team is looking hopeful about the upcoming Malaysian race as managing director Jonathan Neale sets his eyes on a higher stair on the podium for his team drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. Talking about the gossip surrounding Hamilton joining other teams, Neale said that a driver of his caliber is obviously a need for every team.

McLaren’s Hamilton was the only driver who gave Sebastian Vettel a tough fight to the podium in Australia. The British was almost 10 seconds away from Vettel when his car’s floor was broke and he had to give up the chase, after which Vettel had an easy ground to march towards the top of the podium.

Neale seemed pretty confident about both the drivers capturing competitive positions in the qualifying and from there on, bringing good point finishes. Neale commented, “We’re working very hard over the next few races to try and make sure Lewis (Hamilton) and Jenson (Button) can get on the front row for qualifying.” Neale added that lot more upgrades will be seen in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Last year, McLaren’s duo started the Malaysian race in 22nd and 23rd positions since they both lost control of their cars due to rain. Neale explained that the new Pirelli tyres will not be a concern if the weather in Malaysia is warm. He feared that the rain however may cause major problems for the drivers. He added that Mercedes and Ferrari are yet to exhibit their real strengths which will be more interesting for the cause of the sport.

Neale, commenting on Red Bull’s KERS said that it is still a surprise for every team and that the Malaysian race will reveal how much boost they will actually be able to get from their KERS. Talking about the DRS system, he added that Malaysia again will give a clear picture of because it has a good long straight.

Red Bull’s advisor, Helmut Marko, said that Hamilton alongside Vettel has the potential to make a dream team. Talking about Marko’s comment, Neale stated, “I don't think that is particularly newsworthy. We would feel the same way if he wasn't driving us. I think he is pretty good.”