“McLaren team’s drivers are going to give a strong challenge”, says; Alonso

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  • “McLaren team’s drivers are going to give a strong challenge”, says; Alonso

“McLaren team’s drivers are going to give a strong challenge”, says; Alonso: The Spanish veteran Formula 1 driver of the Ferrari racing team, Fernando Alonso has said he is expecting a very solid challenge from the McLaren team in Melbourne. He is also of the view that the McLaren team will definitely show its best to opt for the pole position in the first race of the tournament.

The drivers of the McLaren team do not seem very confident about their cars but their capacity cannot be challenged as well. The testing phase also remained under the par for Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton (drivers of the Formula 1 team). According to some new reports the newer cars by the McLaren team are lesser fast and are not as reliable as they were expected to be. Moreover the newly applied Pirelli tires have made the car much slower and the drivers are already complaining about the tyres.

In the previous interviews, the British veteran Jenson Button as well as Lewis Hamilton had expressed their frustration regarding their preparations for the upcoming season. They had also said that because of some flaws in their new car they have not been able to gather time to get prepared for the season. Moreover both the Britons had backed each others comments about the Pirelli tyres.

But the two times world championship title winner Alonso is thinking a bit differently as he is expecting a lot from the two ace and talented drivers of the world. In a very recent interview the twenty nine years old expressed his views about the upcoming season.

The Spaniard told that he is not at all ready to underestimate the drivers of the McLaren team. He further added that despite of being dissatisfied from their cars, the British duo is capable of outclassing any opponent. He said that both the drivers are far better than they seem.

When Alonso was asked whether the winter testing phase wasn’t enough to predict that the British duo is not mentally prepared to race in the about to start season, he said that the winter testing phase does not proof the real abilities of a person as it is only test the car. Alonso also quoted the recent interview of Hamilton and Button and while saying that the duo has already said that they were aiming for something more in the first race, which means that they will be racing on the same pace.

Alonso said that the McLaren team will surely give a strong challenge to all in Melbourne and they will be eyeing the top spot. According to some sports news Button and Hamilton are thoroughly different when it comes to driving styles and because of this fact the team McLaren had to work harder to make the design of the cars according to the driver’s capabilities.

Alonso denied the reason by saying that the driving style has nothing to do with the car design. Moreover the new rules by the Formula 1 has compelled the teams to change the design of the vehicle; added, Fernando. He continued that if the aerodynamics of the car is benefiting one driver than it will helpful for all the other drivers of the circuit as well.

The Spaniard later said that the new tyres have affected the performance of the cars. According to him the drivers are not used to the Pirelli tyres and that is probably the major reason behind their dissatisfaction about their car’s performance.

The former world champ Alonso has thoroughly praised the talent of the McLaren team’s drivers. Now it is up to Button and Hamilton to satisfy their fans with their performances. The test of the drivers will start from Sydney this month and being the fans of this glitzy and glamorous world of Formula 1, we can cheer for our favourite racing team.


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