Mark Webber; keen to snatch his maiden world championship title

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  • Mark Webber; keen to snatch his maiden world championship title

Mark Webber; keen to snatch his maiden world championship title: The Australian veteran driver from the Red Bull racing team, Mark Webber is eager to win his maiden Formula 1 world championship title.

It is to be remembered that Mark Webber held the top spot of the point’s table for a very long span in the previous season but was unfortunately failed to finish the season at the top spot as his team mate Sebastian Vettel won the world championship in Abu Dhabi.

On the other hand the relationship of Webber with his team was also being questioned as he seemed a little unhappy with the behaviour of his team with him. Moreover it was also reported that the Aussie veteran was unhappy as his team is treating him like a number two driver of the Red Bull team.

But now the Aussie ace driver has literally forgot the past and is well ready to show is best over the racing track in the upcoming season. Webber is of the view that the previous season was a little unlucky for him as he was failed to finish at the top despite of leading the point’s chart for most of the season. In a very recent interview the thirty four years old expressed his eagerness and ambitions for the upcoming season to the media by saying that he has forget the past and now he is hoping for better performances in the future.

Webber considers that the last season was one of the most memorable racing seasons of his life. He told that he does not have any regrets and it was a great year for him. He further told that he lost the world championship title in the final race of the event from his German veteran teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Webber also told that it was a very challenging season as all the drivers showed their best over the racing podiums. Mark said that he had a very easy opportunity of winning the event but was unfortunately failed because he lost his focus in the final stages of the tournament.

The previous season of the Formula 1 racing was considered as one of the best and most thrilling seasons in the Formula 1 history. While talking about the fact Webber said that all the races of the championship were challenging and alive. He added that there was a very less difference of points between the drivers and one more race could have changed the whole story of the championship.

Webber said that he had really enjoyed the last season a lot and hoping for the best now. He continued that he is really proud with the way he had raced and will try his level best to put the same kind of performance in the upcoming season as well.

When Webber was asked about his relationship with his teammate, the twenty three years old Sebastian Vettel, the Aussie told that his relationship with Vettel is very normal. He said that he has contacted Vettel at several occasions in winter and he is hopeful that they will have a pleasant start to the new season.

Webber said that trust and harmony is very important in a team and being the drivers of the team Red Bull they should keep a good relationship. He said that he has learned a lot from the previous season and will try his luck hard to not to repeat the same mistakes again.

Mark told that misunderstandings might create a lot of mess but he is happy that everything went perfectly well in the last season because it was a brilliant result for the team in the end. Mark Webber said that is hoping for a long stay in the Red Bull team and will certainly make his team proud in the future.


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