Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather is on? Or is it?

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  • Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather is on? Or is it?

With the announcement coming today from Pac-Man at his homecoming at General Santos City, Manny Pacquiao has revealed that talks are ongoing with Floyd Mayweather for a potential clash on the 5th of May 2012. Fans of boxing are hopeful they are going to see the fight that they have wanted for a few years now. This bout has been building up even before the ‘southpaw’ from the Philiphines took to the ring against Marquez. There are optmistic signs that the fight will go ahead.

Pacquiao and Mayweather have an amazing record. In order to reach greatness and to be remembered in the echelons of boxing history they have to fight against each other. They ongoing debate of who is the undisputed pound for pound fighter needs to be settled. It needs to be settled in the ring not through words.

Time is running out for Pacquiao to take on Mayweather. Pac-Man who is part of the government in his homeland is running for the position of governor in 2013. This leaves him two years to manage the fights he really wants to fight. Every pugilist reaches a crossroad in their career where they have to decide what to do next. If wants to leave a legacy behind they have to fight the big fight, not money wise but reputation wise. If Pacquiao ends his career without taking on Mayweather it will be a big blot on an otherwise illustrious career. Mayweather usually fights once a year. This leaves just two fights for Pacquiao to get Mayweather into the ring.

The pressure has been building on Pacquiao through the press, through the team of Mayweather to fight him. There is only so much that he can possibly delay. This has probably led him to ask his promoter Bob Arum to negotiate a fight between the two. His will could be the biggest factor for this bout to take place.

The start of negotiations does not entail that the fight will take place. For all the reasons to be optimistic for this clash there are sticking points that could possibly hinder the bout. When they first started negotiating two years ago, Mayweather wanted Pacquiao to take a blood test a few days before the fight. This was not acceptable to Manny who refused to bow down to the demands of Mayweather. Reasons such as health were opined and at the end there no impasse was reached. If Mayweather demands such a clause in the negotiations then it is likely that they fight will not take place.

This brings in the ego of Mayweather. A person who is self obsessed and wants things his way or the high way might put in such clauses again. His well known public fall out with Bob Arum who was his promoter is well documented. Bob Arum is a veteran boxing promoter and he is unlikely to fall for such antics again. Having called the date of the 5th of May a sick joke in his previous comments, Bob Arum might not be the keenest person for this fight to happen.

Mayweather is his biggest enemy. With lawsuits against him and recently not showing up at the behest of the judge for a lawsuit against him, Mayweather could jeopardize the fight due to his own exploits.

With greats such as Oscar Del Hoya announcing through tweeter: “@OscarDeLaHoya Let's give thanks to manny pacquiao for having a press conference wanting the Mayweather fight,” at the announcement, it is a fight eagerly awaited by all. It looks more than likely than ever it will happen but all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle have to fall into place first.


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