Manchester United rated as most hated organization in UK

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  • Manchester United rated as most hated organization in UK

Manchester United rated as most hated organization in UK

An online survey was conducted to find out the most hated organizations in UK. Surprisingly, Manchester United was labeled as the most hated against some other organizations like McDonalds and various banks.

Online Opinions conducted the poll in which around 1,000 people participated. Manchester United secured 26% of the total votes, beating the second place Ryanair which was backed by 23% of the people. British Gas and McDonalds are next on the list and are followed by a number of financial institutions.

This has come as a surprise because of the fact that Manchester United has a large fan base all around the world. The club has become a symbol of success under their current leadership and it is this success due to which they have become a sign of hatred for so many people in Britain.

Under Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United has achieved a lot of success and won numerous trophies. In fact, since the inception of the English Premier League, the Red Devils is the only club to consistently make an impression in England as well as in Europe. Every season they are title contenders and are a mighty force in Europe. This has resulted in a number of rivalries and the hatred has certainly grown.

In the English Premier League, Manchester United has strong rivalries with Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs. In reality, the other teams might not be as fierce rivals as the first two clubs but they are title contenders. Therefore, every team inspiring for a title tends to develop a rivalry with Manchester United. Thus, even though the club is being followed by millions of fans around the world, simultaneously it is being hated by a much larger number of people. Every fan of other major teams of England develops a natural hatred towards United out of envy and frustration.

On the other hand, the other institutions have made it into the list for better reasons. Ryanair is a quite popular airline in England because of its exceptionally low fares but people complain about paying extra for their luggage and booking through their credit cards. Apart from this, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and Lloyds Bank have made it into the list due to the recent economic depression.

The banking institutions, unlike Manchester United, went bankrupt and they were bailed out by the government. In return, the banks used the money to pay bonuses to their employees rather than helping the people whose taxes had saved the banks from going bankrupt in the first place. Therefore, the hatred is natural despite the fact that they are not the most hated institutions. Maybe, a couple of years have passed and people have already forgotten a lot about the whole episode of the financial crunch.

Nevertheless, Manchester United is the only organization in the whole list whose unpopularity speaks for the success of the club. It is their success that has led to so many people voting against them, so there is nothing to worry about for the Red Devils. Some of the votes may have been casted due to the fact that the owners of the club are Americans, which is once again not appreciated amongst the masses in United Kingdom. Sir Alex Ferguson and Wayne Rooney are two other reasons for the people to hate the club. Ferguson is not popular among the other fans because of his choice of words in his interviews and Rooney has made many people angry because of the exploitation of his former club for a better contract.

Undoubtedly everyone in England is getting on the bandwagon in which people tend to hate Manchester United. This number will only increase if United gathers a couple of more trophies this season. Envy is in human nature since people cannot bear anyone else achieving glory at their expense.


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