Manchester United goalkeeper diffuses rumours of Ajax return

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  • Manchester United goalkeeper diffuses rumours of Ajax return

Manchester United goalkeeper diffuses rumours of Ajax return

Rumours about the legendary Dutch glove man, Edwin van der Sar have brought forth different speculations. One of the most recent suggests Edwin van der Sar will continue an unofficial footballing career after his retirement.

News from Old Trafford itself has confirmed that Edwin van der Sar will carry on a career with Manchester United, but his role at the club will be between an ex-player and a coach.

Earlier experts had already predicted that unless and until the manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson finds a worth replacement for Edwin van der Sar, he is going to ask the shot stopper to hang around and mentor the new comer. This seems to be the new plan of action after the 40-year-old decided to retire at the end of this season.

With an end to a glorious career with Red Devils, news around the block was rife that Edwin van der Sar might make a surprise return to his former club Ajax. Edwin van der Sar has however rebuked such speculation saying he is planning to extend his stay in England with United even though it’s not as a squad player.

Just a few months ago Edwin van der Sar told Dutch media that was retiring which was followed by news of not being to make a return to his former club. The 12 year old saga might just have to wait a bit before it ends. Chance are the Dutchman might still make a return to the club he won 1995 Champions League with.

In a recent press release the Edwin van der Sar stated, “'I'm not going back to Amsterdam, though it would be very comfortable there with Frank de Boer, Danny Blind and Dennis Bergkamp.”

 He continued, “When I left 12 years ago, I said I would return, but I did not know then what great years I would have with Manchester United. I might occasionally visit training with them, but I will not be going regularly.”

Indeed the no.1 man between the sticks has gone to ends for his beloved club and now wants to return a few favours. Edwin van der Sar himself expressed intent to continue a role with Manchester United.

The goalkeeper concluded, “It may be that I'm going to give Manchester United clinics in Asia, where the club is very popular, or something in commerce. I think this is interesting. I have already held some talks.”

With plans like these a role with Manchester United seems to have been already figured out. Looks like the Dutch giants will have to wait a bit more when matters become clearer at the end of the season.


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