Liverpool’s Merseyside still barren as Athletic Bilbao refuse transfer of Fernando Llorente to Anfield

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  • Liverpool’s Merseyside still barren as Athletic Bilbao refuse transfer of Fernando Llorente to Anfield

Liverpool’s Merseyside still barren as Athletic Bilbao refuse transfer of Fernando Llorente to Anfield

Land in Reds’ part of the Merseyside would have started to tremble by now as one after another, attempts at signing players strike out.

Liverpool have desperately been trying to bring new faces at Anfield, especially in the attacking department but their only signing came half a season ago, in summers when the newly acquired manager from Fulham, Roy Hodgson was in charge.

This fall they have been trying to capture world class Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez from Ajax but no luck as yet has been confirmed. There seems to be an agreement with Suarez and Reds already but Dutch footballing powerhouse, Ajax continues to object on a ridiculously low bid by Liverpool.

They have even demanded more respect and asked the English footballing giants, Liverpool to increase their offer. A deadline of Saturday has been set before the winter transfer window closes this January hence more will be heard on this later, right now the screams from Merseyside are cries of despair in the signing of another Fernando at Liverpool, Fernando Llorente.

It has just been informed by Athletic Bilbao that they will not be selling their prized possession to Reds. Llorente had a good last season but after the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa the player continues to grow form and cause more interest.

This has caused major clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea to attempt in signing the player but no real progress has been made by any of them.

With ‘Return of the King’, Reds legend Kenny Dalglish at the managing post, Liverpool’s spirit of winning is reignited however for full resurrection to former self new blood is required by Kop.

It appears that the current saviour of Liverpool Fernando Torres might be exiting from Anfield after this season hence new strikers are an urgent necessity at the club. 25-year-old Fernando Llorente would have been the perfect replacement for El Nino but progress is shunned immediately as Bilbao club officials snubbed the transfer offer.

Sources have revealed the Spanish international forward to act as a backup plan for Dalglish, if he fails to sign in Luis Suarez. However this deal seems to have fell right into a deep ravine even before both club’s sat down at the table to negotiate.

After being declared as one of the potential targets this transfer window, Athletic Bilbao officials came forth and declared that the signing could never occur as they were simply not willing to part from the player.

Dalglish will certainly have to devise a new plan and scout the market once again to sign a couple of players. Liverpool are looking for a position above their current 7th place in English Premier League.

After facing a dismissive first leg of this season, coming into the Top 4 will be a tough task. Nonetheless with the former manager back at the throne of Anfield, a memorable rejuvenation can be predicted.

There are a couple of other players on the market nonetheless the Llorente defeat will certainly cause despair in Reds ranks. The President of Athletic Bilbao, Fernando Garcia Macau stated while talking to media, “We know the player wants to stay at the club for a long time. I will categorically say Llorente will not be sold and he will not leave in this summer.”

Macau went ahead and even declared that there were no real offers worth talking presented by other clubs, “There has been no approach from any club for the striker and we are fed up by the rumour mill on this issue.”

He concluded on the issue by stating, “While the Board of Directors and the President are here, Fernando Llorente will not be sold.”


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