Lil Risky attains his Stadium Bookmakers Sprint title for trainer M Wallis

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  • Lil Risky attains his Stadium Bookmakers Sprint title for trainer M Wallis

Lil Risky attains his Stadium Bookmakers Sprint title for trainer M Wallis

The Sprint show covering the 250 meters distance declared the ideal dog of the show, Lil Risky the purse winner for trainer M Wallis. Over throwing his contenders impressively, the hound took control of the Grade OR chase the Stadium Bookmakers Sprint, and fortified his possession for the £150 prize money.

Wearing blue and white jacket M Wallis’s dog commenced his chase with an inspiring speed, which later on became a major advantage for the hound.

With the idyllic odds of 4 – 6 F Lil Risky abruptly commenced through his trap in urge to win the title, but on the other side the Gangster Mchugh, availing every chance to hit the wire at first place started off really well.

While surging through the track, trainer R Hannan’s trap 3 racer wearing white and black jacket moved himself into the middle of the track, and unfortunately he remained there although he tried every chance to acquire the pointer spot.

Lil Risky being the favourite of the show was soon spotted at the pointer spot and remained there until he successfully crossed the wire and confirmed his ownership for the title.

In total 14.79 seconds trainer M Wallis was given the opportunity to enjoy the victory of his hound who wrapped up his chase at the first place.

The trap 1 racer Bright Mac who was following Lil risky by 4 ½ lengths unfortunately lost the chase and managed to conclude his run at the second place.

With the odds of 6 – 1 trainer N Colton’s dog tried really hard to prove himself as a real go getter, but his effort was not enough to compete with Lil Risky’s amazing pace.

Reaching the finish line in 15.15 seconds, the trap 1 racer defeated his contender, the trap 3 racer Gangster Mchugh by a shoulder distance.

R Hannan’s three-year-old dog inspired the Oxford race track, but later on his he lost his tempo which became a major drawback in his chase.

The fourth position was attained by trainer I Walker’s Greenlough Ball. The blue dog inauspiciously experienced huge obstruction during his lure chase, due to which he was not able to finish off at an impressive position.

Covering the distance in 15.19 seconds I Walker’s hound lost the chase by a ½ length.

The trap 6 racer, Clover Green rallying through the dirt track for trainer S Gilliland took 15.29 seconds to cross the wire at fifth place.

The black dog who was defeated by 1 ¼ length, over threw trainer R Yeates hound Guinness Pirate by a neck distance.

After stumbling in the beginning of the chase the trap 5 racer was declared as the last one to cross over in 15.32 seconds.

The purse winner Lil Risky with the ideal odds dazzled on the Oxford race course, after hitting the wire at first place in the Stadium Bookmakers Sprint.



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