Li Xiaoxia and Wu Jiaduo made to the finals of Volkswagen Cup women's singles

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  • Li Xiaoxia and Wu Jiaduo made to the finals of Volkswagen Cup women

Li Xiaoxia and Wu Jiaduo made to the finals of Volkswagen Cup women's singles

The semi finals of the women's single events of the Volkswagen Cup were played on the 23rd of March 2011. The event featured top eight women players of the international table tennis circuit.  The Volkswagen cup is the third highest rank tournament on the international table tennis circuit.

The four players who made a place in the semi finals were; Li Xiaoxia the top seeded player from China in the competition, Fukuhara Ai from Japan, Wu Jiaduo a Chinese born player currently playing from Germany and Li Jiao from Netherlands.

The first semi final was played amongst Fukuhara Ai and Li Xiaoxia. The 23 year old Chinese player defeated Fukuhara in a match extending to six games (8-11, 12-14, 11-2, 11-5, 11-7, 11-7).  This was the fifth encounter of the two players and it was the fourth victory of Xiaoxia against the Japanese player on the international Table Tennis circuit.

Fukuhara won the first two games of the match and made things difficult for the Chinese player but Xiaoxia recovered and won the next four games without any doubts in her mind. The forceful topspins and the changes in her playing style stumbled Fukuhara and she started to made unconditional errors. The consistent performance of Xiaoxia through the next four games booked her a place in the finals of the Volkswagen cup 2011.

The second semi final of the event was competed amongst two European players, Wu Jiaduo and Li Jiao from the Netherlands. The results were somewhat same as of the first semi finals. Wu defeated Jiao in a match of six games (9-11, 11-5, 9-11, 11-5, 11-7, 11-7).

The semi finals were lucky for the German players as earlier Timo Boll the world number one made to the finals of the men's single event. Following him Jiaduo also made her place in the finals of the cup.

Jiao is three places higher than the German player on the ITTF world ranking but still she was defeated in the round. This was the seventh encounter of the two players and Wu Jiaduo has won five times including the current Volkswagen Semi final.

Both the players showed an outstanding show of their skills on the table, Jiao blocked Jiaduo fast attacks but she all of her efforts went in vain in front of the German player. Wu Jiaduo said  I’m delighted I have won today”,. “After this tournament I must go back to play in the German League, so I go back with confidence.”

In the early round of the championship Wu defeated Korean player Kim Kyung Ah in a head to head match extending to seven games (11-9,11-3,6-11,11-9,5-11,7-11,15-17). The decider seventh game was decider games and it extended to 15-17 score.

In the final battle Wu Jiaduo will be facing Li Xiaoxia a battle between Asian and European players will be worth watching.



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