Lewis Hamilton says long and tough 2011 season and some developments waited for MP4-26 – Formula 1

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  • Lewis Hamilton says long and tough 2011 season and some developments waited for MP4-26 – Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton finishes second in Australian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton of McLaren-Mercedes finished the Australian Grand Prix in second position to Sebastian Vettel’s first position. Hamilton was very happy with his second spot and said that 18 points are good to start with. He also said that the 2011 season will be long and tough but some more upgrades in the MP4-26 are expected before the start of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton was right behind the race leader Sebastian Vettel and in the 30th lap he only had a gap of 11 seconds from German driver. In the 40th lap, Hamilton’s car got out of control and entered the rubble at the end of the first corner. His car’s underneath floor got damaged and he was told from the pit-lanes to get slow and finish the race with the same package after which Vettel faced no real opposition all the way to the chequered flag. Hamilton commented, “I also had a look at the front floor and it was pretty badly banged up. Luckily, it wasn't too bad to drive. Obviously, I was losing a bit of down force.” Hamilton further added that the team’s instructions were right, as by then, he had almost a gap of 30 seconds from the third driver, Renault’s Vitaly Petrov.

Hamilton further commented that after having miserable pre-season testing sessions in Spain, the McLaren team have done well in the Australian Grand prix to be right behind the Red Bull team and break their monopoly on the podium. Talking about the first race, Hamilton said, “Of course, going into this race we weren't certain about our performance - we were optimistic, because our simulations were showing a significant improvement.”

McLaren team are planning some more upgrades to their cars which include the exhaust and the rear wing settings. Hamilton’s team mate, Jenson Button, had a drive-thru penalty which hindered his race position but still his car showed good speed because he was able to grab the sixth place on the table.

The Malaysian Grand Prix begins in less than 8 days and Hamilton is looking forward to it as he commented that the team will have only 4 hours of driving before the race to optimise the package.


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