Lewis Hamilton is Future of British Racing

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  • Lewis Hamilton is Future of British Racing

Lewis Hamilton is Future of British Racing


Lewis Hamilton, Britians young prodigy burst into Formula 1 at the age of 22 in 2007 with Mclaren. He became the youngest driver in Formula 1 History to win Driver’s Championship in 2008.He is also the first black and first British since Damon Hill to win Drivers championship in 1996.

 Lewis always had passion for racing since childhood. As a child his father was very supportive of his dream and brought him a remote controlled racing car at a very young age. Lewis took part in BRCA (British Radio Car Association) Championship and finished second while racing against adults and established opponents. His father bought him a go kart at the age of six and vowed to support his son dream of racing.

The fairy tale story of Lewis Hamilton started when he met Ron Dennis the then McLaren Principle Team operator at an Autosport Award Ceremony. He was a little kid at that time when he told him his dream of one day racing for McLaren, something thousands of kid would have said to him. In less than three years he became part of Mclaren young driver support program. The contract he signed for McLaren eventually became a professional contract which made him the youngest driver to earn one.

Lewis paved his way to Formula 1 from grassroots level. After becoming a household name in KART racing he went on to compete in Intercontinental A, Formula A, Formula Super A and becoming European Champion in 2000. He was also named  “Rising Star” by the British Racing Driver Association.

Lewis made his debut in 2007 Formula 1 alongside team mate Fernando Alonso who was the reigning Formula 1 Champion. Many thought that Lewis first season will act as a stepping stone in his Formula 1 career and will learn from the more experience Alonso, but Lewis had totally different ideas. In his first season as a pro he reached podium position in his first ever race becoming the thirteenth driver in history to do so. By third race he was leading the championship points table making him the youngest driver to do so.

His performance throughout his Rookie year was phenomenal and accumulated four wins and finishing in pole position five times. He narrowly missed on the championship by just one point when a technical issue with his car resulted in losing precious time which allowed Kimi Raikkonen to take the win and winning the championship. Lewis finished second in the points table by just one point making the him at that time the youngest driver to finish runners up in the points table.

Lewis has always been a fiery character and by the end of the 2007 season relationships had strained between and Alonso which eventually resulted in Fernando terminating his contract with McLaren. This made Lewis the principal driver and the leading driver for the Formula 1 team for 2008.

He took the opportunity with both hands as he showed why he deserved to be in the limelight and paid back the confidence that McLaren team had in him as he won the Drivers championship in his second season by just one point making him the youngest and first black driver to do so. The 2008 season showed why he has the potential to dominate the future of Formula 1.

Since his championship winning year, Lewis has struggled to reach the same height with reliability issue always coming back to haunt him. Lewis and his McLaren has been the fastest but has been inconsistent throughout the campaign of 2009, 2010 and 2011. Lewis is obviously the future and they need to just put on a consistent run of good performance and wins to deliver the title the whole British Isle is waiting to happen again.


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