Lee Chong Wei is optimistic about Misbun Sidek’s return

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  • Lee Chong Wei is optimistic about Misbun Sidek’s return

Lee Chong Wei is optimistic about Misbun Sidek’s return

Lee Chong Wei is the world’s number one player of badminton and the most celebrated personality of Malaysia. Recently he has won the YONEX All England title. Before this he had won many achievements under his favourite coach Misbun Sidek. But almost four month’s age Misbun declared that he is going to quit his services with the Malaysian Badminton Association. After this decision of Misbun, Lee Chong participated in many tournaments without receiving training and coaching from any coach. Even, Lee Chong Wei won the All England crown without the guidance of his couch.

Now, when Lee Chong is eying the Olympics title for his country, it is must for him to have training from a mature coach because the target before him is not the easy one. That is why, Lee Chong has said although his previous coach has left services with BAM but he is hoping for his return.

Lee Chong further said that as his target is to win gold medal in the London Olympics 2012, which is his biggest wish. For the accomplishment of his wish, he needs Misbun Sidek back because he has spent very memorable days with him. Therefore, he is confident that Misbun would not reject his appeal and he will again join Malaysian Badminton.

Lee Chong, at the occasion of raising funds for the unfortunate tsunami and earthquake ridden people of Japan, said that Olympics is coming closer and closer and he is feeling uneasy without his favourite coach Misbun. That is why he is vying for his return.

He said that although he is getting the training from Tey Siu Bock, who is the assistant of the Misbun Sidek, but he is not satisfied. He is waiting for the result6s after the meeting of Badminton Association of Malaysia where they would finally decide about the future of Misbun Sidek with Malaysian Badminton.

Chong Wei has also sent a letter to the officials of Malaysian Badminton that they should resolve the issue of Misbun Sidek on immediate basis. So, he is hopeful and waiting for the positive reply from Misbun.



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