Lee Chong Wei ambivalent in deciding a coach for himself

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  • Lee Chong Wei ambivalent in deciding a coach for himself

Lee Chong Wei ambivalent in deciding a coach for himself

The controversy of Misbun Sidek’s resignation from thle position of the National singles coach of Malaysia was resolved on his return to Malaysia two days back. There was immense pressure on the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) to resolve the differences with Misbun since Lee Chong Wei, Malaysian badminton star, required Misbun to coach him for the Olympics 2012. Now that Misbun Sidek is back in Malaysia, Lee Chong Wei is unable to decide whether to stick to him or get his training from Rashid Sidek or Teh Seu Bock.

In Tuesday’s meeting between Lee Chong and BAM, Lee left the decision of selecting his coach for him on BAM.

The importance of selecting the best coach for Lee Chong Wei is significant of the fact that this time Lee Chong is pledged to win the gold medal in the Olympics 2012 for Malaysia along with winning the World Championship tournament. Moreover, prior to this, Malaysia has never won any gold medal in the Olympics. Hence, Malaysia is fully focused on the Olympics title this time. Lee Chong Wei has the required courage and spark to win a gold medal for Malaysia.

At present, Lee Chong is joining training and practice sessions under the care of Rashid Sidek and Teh Seu Bock. Lee Chong had to receive training from these coaches after Misbun’s decision to quit his services with BAM from 31st of December.

Lee Chong Wei’s successful defense of his YONEX All England title without receiving training from Misbun was a great achievement since Misbun was considered to be Lee’s favorite coach before this title. Thereafter, Lee Chong Wei learnt to play international tournaments without Misbun and now Lee Chong is in a fix to decide the best coach for him.

Ng Chin Chai, Chairman of the coaching and training committee of BAM, said in an interview that they have felt that Lee Chong is not clear about the selection of a right coach for him which is why he has left the decision for them. Ng Chin Chai further added that the committee will now take the best decision about Lee’s training from a mature coach.


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