Late Alex Higgins vs. Jimmy White-One of the best pressure frame of all times

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  • Late Alex Higgins vs. Jimmy White-One of the best pressure frame of all times

Late Alex Higgins vs. Jimmy White-One of the best pressure frame of all times  

Only a few can forget the 1982 World Championship semi-final between Late Alex Higgins and Jimmy White. The ‘Hurricane’ Higgins wrote history for the first time by making a break of his career to take the thrilling match into a deciding and winning frame.

Higgins, trailing his opponent by 59 points, was one frame down with two to play in a best of thirty one matches before he swept the table with a magnificent break of 69. A play that is regarded as one of the best pressure breaks in the history of snooker.

Jimmy White, who was playing his first ever semi-final in the world championship, needed just one frame to book his place in the finals. He lost his concentration and broke down on 59. There were six reds left when Higgins was brought to the table.

Higgins remained out of position most of the time during the frame but he still managed to clinch the game with his superb potting skills. It was an ultimate power-packed play and truly a memorable one. He produced some of the most unbelievable pots and baffled the expectations of the audience.

He straight away went for the out-of-position red ball instead of going for a safety shot. He pulled a fabulous long pot on the green ball to recover the cue-ball. On potting the second red he again landed in a no man’s land. It looked as if this time he is going to go for a snooker but everyone was left flabbergasted when he showed nerves of steel and made an outclass pot of the black ball in the last pocket.

After dropping in the third red in the centre pocket, Higgins came on a very difficult blue. He still had no plans to bring his opponent back on the table, as he pulled out a magical pot on blue under intense pressure. His pot of the blue, using extreme check side to bring the cue-ball back to the reds off the side cushion, was a truly amazing shot. It is still remembered as one of the best shots that ever played. Though he didn’t land perfectly on the reds afterwards but a few more similar pots worked for him and finally he came in a perfect position.

Higgins, who was asking the points difference from the referee almost after every shot, cleared the frame afterwards under extreme pressure receiving a huge round of applause.

Higgins supreme potting led him clinch the 30th frame and the decider to register a frame score of 16-15 in the end.

The Hurricane, later on, knocked out his opponent, Ray Reardon, who had become the oldest player to reach the final at the age of 49, by a frame score of 18-15 in the final match. Higgins lifted the snooker’s most prestigious event’s trophy by busting into tears with his wife and daughter in front of the whole world.

The Legend, Alex Higgins sadly passed away last year at the age of 61 after fighting a long lost battle against throat cancer.

Alex Higgins was a true genius around the table and will always be remembered in the world of snooker as a one of the greatest players who ever lived.


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