Lake Forest City Council agrees to reconsider the BMX peg ban

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  • Lake Forest City Council agrees to reconsider the BMX peg ban

Lake Forest City Council agrees to reconsider the BMX peg ban

The Lake Forest City Council has decided to table the ban on BMX pegs at the Etnies Skate-park of Lake Forest, for 30 days. The decision was in response to the appeal made by the representatives of Etnies, the action sports apparel and shoe manufacturer, along with the local and professional BMX riders. The verdict was given at a meeting held on Tuesday, 5 April.

The City Council has agreed to reconsider the ban and reflect on the use of plastic pegs, instead of steel pegs during the next 30 days. The final decision is to be taken by the Council, after it is presented with additional information regarding the impact of plastic pegs on the Skate-park.

Councilwoman Marcia Rudolph, said, “It seems we need additional information in regard to the impact of plastic pegs, If the plastic pegs can be shown to be less of an impact perhaps we can give them some demonstration time.”

Rudolph admired the way the BMX community had got together and recorded their protest through an online comment-based petition. However, she did not approve of the BMX community’s late reaction to the matter. She advised them to regularly check the Lake City’s agendas posted online, in order to remain aware of the City Council’s current discussions.

A few members of the BMX community were also present at the meeting. These included the Etnies’ BMX team manager, John Povah, the Ride BMX editor, Ryan Fudger, Fit Bike Co. Manager, Ben Ward and BMX park pros Gary Young and Ben Snowden.

Gary Young came up with the option of alternative plastic pegs at the meeting. These pegs slide on all skate-park surfaces, without causing any sort of damage to the concrete. Some of the members of the BMX community were not too convinced with the idea, but felt that it was better than no pegs at all. The members argued that if the concrete surface was properly constructed, then even the use of steel pegs will not wear it down or chip it.

The decision to ban pegs on BMX bikes at the Lake Forest Skate-park was taken by the City Council on 15 March, after a 3-0 vote in favour of the ban. The ban was felt necessary after continuous complaints by the City Staff. The staff claimed that the pegs scratch and chip the edges on some of the Skate-park’s obstacles, causing damage worth thousands of dollars each year.

The Skate-park is owned, controlled and maintained by the Lake Forest city. Hence, the responsibility to preserve the park lies on their shoulders.

Etnies claimed that it had no idea about the discussion regarding the ban on pegs, until the ban had been imposed. It affirmed its’ support for the BMX community by launching an online comment-based petition, requesting signatures of anyone who opposed the ban. The petition was to be presented to the City Council, to convince them to reconsider the ban. The petition had 1152 signatories when it reached the Council members.