Kyle Busch missed the 'Sweep'

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Kyle Busch dominates again!

Kyle Busch again almost dominated another race weekend of NASCAR races at Auto Club Speedway (ASC), where he won the first on Saturday’s in NASCAR Nationwide Series (NNS) then on the next days he was just a bit short, winning his second in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS).

The Toyota Camry driver leaded almost 169 laps from the total of 350 in weekend’s racing action. First he fielded No.18 Z - Line Design in NNS for the victory, but just led 18 out of 150 laps, than in NSCS he led the most 151 laps of 200 and could not win. Busch is currently competing at NSCS for point, where he is on fourth spot on the points table.

Though Busch not near the victory initially, he still bounced back in the race with putting some excellent pit strategy in the final phase of the NNS Royal Purple 300 race. He remained in top three almost during the whole race, confronting with Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick; the three led the most 112 laps of 150 together. Busch led total 18 laps in the race, including the final 17 race winning laps. First he just got the lead for a while in lap 69 that Edwards snatched back in the very next lap. When there were only 17 laps to go, the leader Edwards took a service stop, which helped Busch to take the decisive lead, and he succeeded. To retain his lead afterwards, he took just two tire change in his final pit stop on lap 137. The runner up Edwards pinched his ride harder to beat the Busch, and shorten Busch’s lead to less than a second, but Busch was good enough to not get caught. Busch stretched his lead over 2 seconds, when he was running for the checkered lap. While heading towards the victory line a little fumble happened: his car scraped in the wall but he recovered to sustain the lead. Busch finally won the Royal Purple 300.

On the very next day he was participating in the NSCS Auto Club 400 race. The race happened in almost the opposite way, when Busch led the most laps and Harvick had the victory in the concluding phase of the race. He was battling with five time defending champion Jimmie Johnson for the lead in the final stage, suddenly Harvick came out of nowhere. Harvick passed the Busch in the second last lap, taking his chances away. Busch finished third after Johnson, despite the impressive most laps lead.      

“Just real, real unfortunate and frustrating and disappointing all in one that we weren't able to seal the deal today,” Busch said after Sunday’s race. “Just come down to the last few laps there with Jimmie first and then Kevin got into it, too, with us” he added.


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