Kobe Bryant co-stars with Chinese pop-star Jay Chou

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  • Kobe Bryant co-stars with Chinese pop-star Jay Chou

Kobe Bryant co-stars with Chinese pop-star Jay Chou

He may not have succeeded in making his name in the world of hip-hop, but the superstar Kobe Bryant fulfilled his desire after he co-performed in a Chinese rap song. Recently appearing in a Turkish airplane ad, the player has now appeared in a song titled “The Heaven and Earth Challenge”. It’s a basketball theme song presented for ‘Sprite’ in which Bryant’s co-performer is Jay Chou, a famous Taiwanese singer who has won the World Music Award four times. Chou has combined Chinese with Western style of music to create a different blend out of it. Bryant plays shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and with this song he has proved that he is definitely more talented than he looks.

The stars are shown playing basketball in a basketball court at the beginning of the video. Bryant asks the Chinese star if he understands how to play basketball, he dramatically asks Chou, “You know how to b-ball Jay Chou?” The background music of the song is somewhat Eastern with a mix of techno and upbeat music which is Chou’s usual style. The video proceeds ahead, featuring the 13 times NBA All-Star and the singer performing some nice dance moves. Kobe appears several times in the video again and the last thing the Black Mamba questions the singer is if he would like to play basketball or first sing. The singer gives preference to singing and tells Bryant that he will sing, crooning to which the LA Lakers star tells the rapper that he has “got spark”.

Bryant who is known as Xiao Fei Xia in China, meaning “Little Flying Warrior” has a large fan base there. His No. 24 jersey has been sold more than the Chinese star’s Yao Ming. Bryant is a major endorser of sports goods in China and has visited the country many times for promoting the sport there. China, the country that embraced basketball even before most of the European countries knew the sport, has love for basketball and the sport is being promoted among children as well.

This musical video was the second time that the two stars appeared together, but the Chinese star said that he was nervous of performing with a player of such high caliber as Kobe. He said that Kobe Bryant is very popular in China for his game. Bryant who is always trying to do something new was very excited after giving the performance and said, "I love it... my part is talk, it's very relaxing and I did a great job, it must be an A+."

The song was released at the Staples Centre before the All-Star game and it is being said that all the money coming from online ringtone downloads will be donated to a charity that will help enhance the quality of education in under-developed regions in China.


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