Kenny Dalglish eyeing his first home game at Anfield after 20 years

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  • Kenny Dalglish eyeing his first home game at Anfield after 20 years

Kenny Dalglish eyeing his first home game at Anfield after 20 years

The newly appointed Kenny Dalglish is set to manage Liverpool at Anfield for the first time after nearly 20 years. Dalglish was efficient striker for Liverpool from the year 1977 to 1990. In his long tenure as a player with Liverpool he played 355 games and scored 230 goals. Scottish striker also managed Liverpool during his playing era. His coaching reign started in the year 1985 and ended in 1991. After 1991, it will be for the first time that he will be taking care of Liverpool’s team against Everton at Anfield on Sunday. Currently Everton is on 12th spot and Liverpool is at 13th place. It will be great moment for the coach as two Merseyside teams compete each other in English Premier League clash. He expressed about the derby match and said "a derby win would give them (Liverpool players), the supporters of Liverpool and everybody a great lift, but would only still give us three points.”

Kenny Dalglish started his campaign after losing two back to back matches. One of them was the third round FA Cup clash against Manchester United and the other one was English Premier League game against Blackpool. A win in a Sunday’s match against Everton can make everything rosy for Liverpool however; the way “The Reds” are playing it will be difficult task. With continuous poor performances, fans are losing hope in Liverpool. Kenny Dalglish said that "it should be a great advantage if we start with the fans fully behind us.” He further commented to save his players and stated “the players know what they have to do, how they have to play and we would love to win the game."

It will be an emotional moment for the manager to return his old hunting ground and beat their arch rivals Everton will be a real fiesta. He further said that “if the supporters are pleased to see me sitting there, they will not be as pleased as I am.” Apparently it seems that he is enjoying the role of the manager and the fans are happy to see him, but soon things can turn if they don’t start winning. Kenny Dalglish is well aware of this situation and conveyed that “it's all very well being romantic the truth of the matter is we have got to start winning games.”



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