Kennedy won BMW NZ Open in playoff

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  • Kennedy won BMW NZ Open in playoff

Kennedy won BMW NZ Open in playoff - Golf Breaking News

Brad Kennedy successfully won the title of the BMW New Zealand Open by scoring a 30-foot birdie on the first-hole of a playoff. Kennedy defeated Craig Parry on Sunday, December 04, at the Clearwater Golf Club Christchurch.

Kennedy scored only one birdie and fourteen at par in the final-round of the BMW New Zealand Open. He tied with Parry due to the worst performance, complemented with three bogeys, on the final-day.

Kennedy and Parry tie-breaking scores were 7-under par and 281-stroke in total. As they both tied for the first position, hence, the final results were based in the playoff session. Third position was secured by Josh Geary by 6-under par and 282-stroke in total, he is only one stroke behind the leader Kennedy.

Kennedy performed well throughout the tournament and his remarkable birdie on the first playoff hole is productive and appreciable.

"To make a birdie when it counted, that's why we play golf," Kennedy said. "To win a New Zealand Open, with all the names that are on the trophy, it's one of the oldest Opens, is pretty special to me."

Kennedy, 37-year-old Australian professional golfer overall stats include seventeen birdies, forty-two pars and an eagle. His scoring average of the tournament was 73.61. He also won fourteen different tournaments of PGA Tour of Australasia (Professional Golf Association – Australia and Asia), whereas he is also famous for his two PGA Tour and six European Tour wins.

Runner-up Craig Parry, 45-year-old Australian professional golfer scored four birdies, but a bogey and other double-bogey took him down and he tied with Kennedy for the first position. He didn’t perform well in the playoff session, hence, Kennedy took a lead over him. Parry’s final stats included fourteen birdies, fifty pars and an eagle. His scoring average was 79.17, which is greater than the winner Kennedy.

Similarly, third position holder, Josh Geary, 27-year-old New Zealand professional was also the tough rival for the both the Australians. He dropped to the third position in the final-round of the tournament, due to one less birdie. He scored 6-under par and 282-stroke in total.

However, it will be a memorable moment for Kennedy of scoring a birdie in the playoff session and winning the second tournament in PGA Tour of Australasia. His previous victory was in 2010 at the Western Australia Open as well.


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