Keith Swain Manchester Puppy Cup Heat’s outcomes confirms the semi-final draw

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  • Keith Swain Manchester Puppy Cup Heat’s outcomes confirms the semi-final draw

Keith Swain Manchester Puppy Cup Heat’s outcomes confirms the semi-final draw

Along with the triumph of the Keith Swain Manchester Puppy Cup Heat-2, the fastest time of the night also belonged to trainer C Stringer’s fortunate hound, Ardmayle Driver. Four heats were staged for the Grade OR chase, covering the trip of 470 meters to decide the qualifiers for the next show the Semi-Finals.

The black dog Ardmayle Driver was placed in the second show of the event, with 8-1 odds. After commencing through trap 1 with an inspiring tempo, the one-year-old dog availed every chance to show off his hidden talent to the race course of Belle Vue.

With an amazing promptness in his sprint, the hound was able to take the lead during the first stretch. Sustaining at the precious position, the trap 1 racer made his way in the middle of the dirt track.

For trainer C Stringer the dog took the command over the entire lot, and in 27.66 seconds he accomplished in presenting a comfortable success by 1 ¾ length.

Before the fire was broken out on the race track in Heat-2, the £100 purse winner of the first show was declared.

Offered with 4-1, trainer D Spraggon’s Roker Liam got up as a flier as the trap doors were opened up. Wearing orange and white jacket, the black dog went right into the lead during the initial stage and maintained his position throughout the combat.     

With his amazing surging speed the hound battled his way out and in 27.67 seconds he was able to cross the finish line for trainer D Spraggon.

Setting the final time of 28.01 seconds, trainer B Beaton’s white and black bitch Dacent Acorn easily fortified her possession for the purse as well as the trap for the semi-final round.

As the hound cracked out from trap 1 her pace was quite inspiring, but the trap 4 racer, Ballymac Oma with a swift chase, joined her and became a threat for the hound.

During the initial stage J Will’s dog accomplished in acquiring, the lead by blocking Dacent Acorn’s path.

B Heaton’s one-year-old bitch courageously battled through the lot of hounds in urge to find her way out and eventually succeeded in attaining the desired spot.

The hound dashed through the track and victoriously crossed the wire in first place.

The last battle was won by trainer C Lund’s Bachelor Duke, who with his swift and sure attitude succeeded in breaking through the wire in first place.

As he headed into the final stretch C Lund’s black dog wearing blue and white jacket victoriously balances the books for punters and justifies 6-4J odds in 27.88 seconds.

The purse winners from each show have confirmed their traps for the Semi-Final chase which will take place on the 24th of November 2011.





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