Kauto Star disappoints fans by not winning the King George Chase

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  • Kauto Star disappoints fans by not winning the King George Chase

Kauto Star disappoints fans by not winning the King George Chase

Kauto Star almost has a reverence equal to being legendary in horse racing, especially when it comes to the King George VI Chase. The 11 year old horse has made the remarkable achievement of winning the chase four times consecutively. Kauto Star remains the only horse in the history of horse racing that has been able to pull such a feat. However, the horse could not live up to the expectations of its fans and the general public, who had handed over the King George Chase cup to Kauto Star even before the event took place.

Kauto Star is a French bred horse who is an expert of National Hunt horse races. The times that he was able to win the King George Chase, he did it with expertise. The first time that Kauto Star won the event, he recorded a time of six minutes and 5.7 seconds. The horse that he beat to the first position was at a distance of eight lengths. The next time the race was run, in 2007, Kauto Star almost matched last year’s time by finishing in six minutes and 9.4 seconds. Not only that, the horse won the race with such superb performance that the runners up was a good distance of 11 lengths behind Kauto Star. The third consecutive time Kauto Star was able to steal the show, he made the mouths of the spectators drop. The horse put  on a blitzkrieg speed and flew past the track in only five minutes and 57.4 seconds. This race was won by eight lengths. The final last time Kauto Star claimed the King George chase as his own was in the year 2009. Even though his time had been better than a commendable one of six minutes and 7.1 seconds, Kauto Star proved that he was the best of the best. The race was won by the horse with a breath taking distance of 36 lengths.          

Winning the King George Chase four times consecutively is not the only achievement of Kauto Star. Also to his credit goes the fact that Kauto Star has never finished less than second place in the last 22 top races that he ran.

Having suffered a defeat by Kauto Star in 2006 while riding the Exotic Dancer, the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, Tony McCoy was riding the legendary horse this time around in the King George Chase. However, the best jockey in England could not make a win by riding the best horse of the chase, trained by one of the best trainers, Paul Nicholls.

This time around, the King George Chase ended up with the New Year. Previously, the race used to be held on Boxing Day. The change of plans took place because of the adverse weather that has been taking its toll in the country. Apparently, Kauto Star had a change of plans too, because he ended up in the third position in the King George Chase this time around. Further, the horse finished a disappointing distance of 19 lengths behind the winner.

Some attribute his performance level to the fact that Kauto Star had suffered an injury in the Gold Cup. However, the horse’s age may also be a factor. Despite the fact, the horse has had expert training during the course of his career which comes a long way in contributing towards his endurance and will.  

Michael W Dickinson praised Kauto Star in the following words: "But to win the King George VI Chase four times is a testament to his consistency. Great credit must be given to a brilliant training job by Paul Nicholls and to the jockeys who have taken good care of him."


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