Juventus FC, the all time greatest number Eleven team – Part one

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  • Juventus FC, the all time greatest number Eleven team – Part one

Juventus FC, the all time greatest number Eleven team – Part one

Juventus is one of the most successful Italian clubs historically and also one the most recognized outfits in the world. The Serie A outfit has been home to many mentionable names in the history of European football. Here is a list of the all time top eleven of the squad, based on the contribution and overall impact on the outfits outlook and history.

Giampiero Boniperti (1946-61)

The forward Boniperti joined Juve in 1946 and spent his entire career at the Old Lady. He previously held the record of most appearances and top goal scorer of all time, for more than 40 years, until Alessandro Del Piero broke the record in 2006. Boniperti gave 444 appearances with 178 goals in a span of 15 years. Boniperti won the Serie A 5 times and also gave 2 Coppa Italia titles to Juventus during his legendary career. In the record books, Boniperti is the 11th highest goal scorer of all time in Serie A and he was named in the list of 125 top living footballers by the Brazilian legend Pele in 2004.

Omar Sivori (1957-65)

The South American forward came to the Italian outfit from the Argentine club River Plate. The striker had great scoring skills and was well disciplined being a great athlete. He was also named by the media as ‘The Angel with Death Face’ due to his fearless game play and clinical finishing. Sivori won 3 Serie A titles and twice won the Coppa Italia between 1951 and 1961. In his 215 appearances, Sivori scored 134 goals for Juventus. The striker left the Old Lady in 1965 to join SSC Napoli, his last club before retirement.

Antonello Cuccureddu (1969-81)

Cuccureddu joined the Old Lady from Brescia in 1969 and became a vital player in the ventures of the Italian outfit. He played his role as a defensive midfielder and helped Juve secure six Serie A championships between 1971 and 1981. The midfielder retired from Juve in 1981, after more than 300 appearances for the outfit in which he also managed to score 26 crucial goals.

Dino Zoff (1972-83)

The legendary goalkeeper joined the Old Lady from SSC Napoli in 1972 and served the club for 11 years. The gloves-man continually proved his worth at the club throughout the stay and played an important part in winning 6 Serie A titles, the Italian Cup twice and one UEFA Cup. Zoff also became a National hero, when he helped the Italian International team to be crowned world champions. The goalkeeper retired from Juventus in 1983 to start a coaching career, and was the Juve head coach from 1988 to 1990. 

Claudio Gentile (1973-84)

Gentile is reckoned to be one of a kind defender and there are not anymore like him remaining in the game today. Joining Juve in 1973 from AS Varese, Gentile like Cuccureddu assisted the 6 Serie A title wins until his transfer in 1984. The full back was the most uncompromising defender one will ever see and even the finest of attackers had little chances of going past him. Claudio Gentile made 283 appearances for the Old Lady and moved onto join ACF Fiorentina in 1984.

Marco Tardelli (1975-85)

Tardelli joined Bianconeri in 1975, from the Serie B outfit Calcio Como. Joining Juve as a youngster, Tardelli was an instant success in the midfield and earned himself an international debut in the first year he joined the Old Lady. The midfielder was also a key player during five Scudetto victories, two Coppa Italia titles and also the European triumphs during the early 1980’s. After 259 appearances and 35 goals, Tardelli went onto join Inter Milan in 1985.



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